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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 09:46

Obesity Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Specialist Professor of Urology

Specialist Professor of Urology Dr. Ali Ulvi leader, the most common form of cancer in men is prostate , said:\"Obesity, fat consumption and smoking increase the risk of prostate cancer, \"he said. Professor
Dr. Leaders said that among men the most common type of cancer of the prostate cancer ( PCa-Prostate Cancer) is expressed as a first-degree relative of the second person of prostate cancer in people with cancer risk 5.1-fold increase noted.
Bodies one reason not connected to various risk factors in the development of prostate cancer, said that Professor Dr. Leader, \"Epidemiological studies of prostate cancer and family , as well as genetic features shows that it is ; father PCs that a person with the same risk of disease 2.2 times , his brother there in the 3.4 floor and first-degree relatives of the 2 pc if you have 5 , the first floor is growing, \"he said.
leader, prostate cancer, triggering the most important risk factors of one of the oil consumption pointed out that said:
\"unsaturated fats over-consumption and obesity, and prostate cancer , as well as malignant development of cancer increases the risk . smoking, red meat and animal fat consumption PCa risk when upgrading , tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables , grains, fish , meat and poultry meat, eggs , dairy products, omega-3 fatty acids, fish, D and vitamin E for prostate cancer risk reduction has an impact . \"
of prostate cancer , urinary tract caused congestion according to the degree of the patients urination difficulty, burning during urination , frequent urination , night Nocturia , urinary incontinence, bifurcations, urinary retention challenges as emphasizing that causes symptoms , \"while in the presence of advanced or metastatic PCa , especially depending on the region of the disease kept pain in the spine , the patient may be the first symptom . Disease definitive diagnosis of prostate biopsies obtained from the tissue pathological examination adopted a biopsy decisions for the most important predictors of prostate-finger rectal examination and blood s PSA is a test , \"he said .
As age increases, the incidence increased , because of a certain age after the men for PCa periodic controls pass while it is crucial ; family pC with a history of people 40 , non-50 years old and from the DRE and PSA controls proposed stated that the leader, patient , no complaints , even if prostate cancer in the host may , simple and inexpensive cancer screening form, these controls make vital importance , he said.
Today prostate biopsy standard practice , rectally with ultrasound biopsy was underlined that the Leader said:
\"in this embodiment, an ultrasound of the prostate is displayed , the biopsy procedure a special needle and gun with the help of systematic is performed . Under anesthesia or sedation preferably limited overall total of 8-12 units biopsy is taken and sent to a lab for examination . Diagnosed by a biopsy , in which case the PC ; computed tomography or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) , whole body bone scan or PET ( Positron Emission Tomography) by making use of various imaging modalities , such as stage of the disease is determined. As with all cancer treatment decisions in prostate cancer , stage of disease , biopsy data , the patient's health status, based on such factors as age of the patient is given. \"

Obesity Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer" comments for.


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