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  • 29 Aralık 2013, Pazar 11:44

Observe genital hygiene

Observe genital hygiene
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Medical Park Hospital Urologist Open Samsun.

Samsun news: Medical Park Hospital Urologist Open Samsun. Dr.. Abdullah Açıkgöz, genital hygiene rules regarding alerting,"Women with recurrent urinary tract infection prevention is perhaps the most effective method of genital hygiene to pay attention and genital hygiene in order to ensure the correct known errors is to do,"he said. Medical Park Hospital Urologist Open
Samsun. Dr.. Abdullah Açıkgöz,"intimate hygiene rules"briefed. Dr.. Canny"vagina self-renewing organ. Therefore into the vagina of these substances form the"cleaning"attempted to is pointless and vaginal lactobacilli-asitortam damage may result. These products the external genital area clean your well there is no problem. Genital area too much washing hygiene to be provided Studying the vagina of lactobacilli-asitortam damage can contribute to. Toilet cleaning after cleaning from front to back (vagina to anus done right) is very important. cleaning from the anus to the vagina right when stool in the large intestine bacteria in the vagina and from here the urethra through the bladder can become infected,"he said.
remain moist genital area, especially fungi that predispose to the formation of various inflammations including Dr. emphasizes. Abdullah Açıkgöz,"Sexual area's cleanliness especially developed for this purpose unidentified products should be avoided. Vagina alone appropriately be washed with water, then clean with a napkin dried. Underwear you change daily, nylon instead of cotton underwear choices, tight pants, socks and lingerie use, but it can provide.complete is ready without (sufficient lubricity before they occur) relationship should not be initiated. these measures mechanical irritation avoidance of terms is very important. necessary doctor's recommendation by the lubricant drugs you can use,"he said.
DR. Canny,"We know that cleanliness is very important, but contrary to the known vagina with pressurized water to wash correctly is not a behavior. This way an application, the vagina found in microbes eliminates. This way of that region's acid-base balance alters this balance is highly sensitive and , minor tweaks and even some microbes to increase, excessive proliferation and inflammation created may cause. Hopper existing inflammation of the uterus and tubes progress towards causes that sometimes such situations women to the hospital even deposit can,"he said.
DR. Canny speech takmamla was :"A det period women in comfortable behave or freedom of movement used to provide vaginal use of tampons, the attention, the most important point of the bumper inflammation of not. This is why during the day at frequent intervals should be replaced. Vaginal tampon contact with blood during the germs to multiply rapidly begins. Vaginal tampons frequently changing the reproduction of microbes is prevented. bumper for a long time vagina remain in inflammation as well as hospitalization and can be life threatening so important a condition may predispose to. therefore need to be used if very carefully We prefer the implementation and frequent replacement. ovaries, uterus, most commonly as the internal female organs become inflamed during menstruation, women who are at risk in this respect should refrain from sexual intercourse during the menstrual period."

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