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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:57

Ocalan Kopani Post

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HDPE group vice president of Balu Idris , Pervin Buldan and Istanbul deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder delegation consisting of interviews conducted yesterday on the island of Imrali after Ocalan was announced to the public the message that you want to transfer .

Ankara news:
hdp'made ​​according to a statement Öcalan's message is as follows:
\"to the public is extremely serious developments that are experiencing a critical era. only region not in terms of the future of humanity in terms of the knife can be defined as the days are going through . herein narrow sense in the talks , the negotiations , as well as an overriding commitment emerged , and this level was reached . at this point roadmap action plan has emerged . now the primary importance of having things that this road map and action plan meaningful principles with integrity is to frame . because the the ideal plan of action , even a principled entirely if not handled with a dry text being can not go beyond . these principles to determine the ground the particular boards and commissions, including negotiating body by forming possible. Within this framework, the Council of Ministers which has become the negotiations of the will practically raise the no obstacle left.'s official this text and in accordance with the contents of the text according to the start of formal negotiations without delay is very important. Earnestly and with great sacrifice we were able to bring the process to this point and the salvation of the future steps to be taken directly linked to the speed and severity has become . In fact, we can also referred to as the Middle East JİTEM Isidor an organization as wild as the whole world is witnessing what can be done . Kopani siege siege of the city is far from being an ordinary , only targeted the Kurdish people's democratic achievements , but also a new blow to Turkey will streamline the process . If this slaughter reached its goal attempt to end the process , as well as new and will lay the foundation of a long-term impact . Rojav to Kopani and anyone who wants to understand the question correctly , this should be a good grasp of reality . Process and democracy in Turkey do not want to ride the collapse of the required seriousness and responsibility of everyone Kobani'nin urge you to go with . In the state with the current solution-oriented acts among those who hope to benefit from a shallow tidal destruction has been observed . Solutions to the problems in the process , which favors the development of timely and active intervention is vital . In this respect, the process Kopani an integral whole with the reality of the fact that once again , reminding everyone that the major cost of goods to our democratic journey, I urge you to embrace our humanity and struggle . Kopani especially Sengal , Punishment , Rabia and foggy wild Isidor attack against a major resistance, all our people again, all over the country on the side of the resistance of solidarity and support attitudes reveal all circles to greet you. \"

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