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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:49

October 29 November 4 Crescent Week

October 29 November 4 Crescent Week
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Düzce Branch of the Turkish Red Crescent President Kemal Semih Iron, \"the Turkish Red Crescent Society, is the oldest and most influential charities in our country ,\"he said .

Düzce news: Photo Every year, 29 October-4 The Crescent Week is celebrated throughout the country between November is celebrated with various events this year. Photo made ​​this regard relates to the Turkish Red Crescent President Düzce Branch Kemal Semih importance of the Iron Crescent Week. Iron, \"no interest in observing the Turkish Red Crescent in since 1868 at the national and international field workers to alleviate the suffering of people in all kinds of conditions and services , is the oldest and most influential charities in our country. 146 years for the protection of human dignity , as a volunteer who works with the Turkish Red Crescent, to the present day face assistance to thousands of families have a helping hand. Organizations from carrying out work to meet people's needs in preparedness and disaster disaster since the Red Cross, national and international plan is credited with all this work. Kızılay our country during natural disasters occurring to share the suffering of disaster victims , tents, blankets , clothing , food , hot food, relieves the pain of the victims through medical treatment. the Turkish Red Crescent carrying out many activities in the social services field , lost work force , food to our citizens in need of the poor and protection , clothing and cash serves aid. the drugs help people without social security and free health who help the Red Crescent , extend a helping hand to our disabled citizens . Turkish Red Crescent, as well as established by our branches in different regions of the same country , and every day thousands of cash assistance and managed over stove serves hot meals to our poorest citizens . Red Crescent staff in order to improve the quality of service , member, increasing its volunteers and employees of institutions and organizations that work in cooperation and public disaster awareness in order to provide less damage from disasters especially children and organizes all our public education programs. Each year between 29 October and 4 November, the Red Crescent Week celebration , the creation of Kızılaycılık awareness , to highlight the importance of our nation's Crescent and Red Crescent gratuitous services offered are of great importance in terms of ensuring public support . Turkish Red Crescent activities are not limited in time , no matter where in the world with the support of volunteers in full force in accordance with the preservation of human dignity will continue to work ,''he said.

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