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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:07

October 4 Animal Protection Day

October 4 Animal Protection Day
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Malatya Animal Protection Association President Hussein Ugur, \"Animal lovers , people who like a more intimate ,\"he said .

Malatya news:
October 4 Animal Protection Day so in a statement Ugur, \"The living world of people , plants and animals are composed of . humans since time immemorial animals have dealt with . Libraries our internal solitary animals full of pictures encyclopedia we also have ,\"he said .
Ugur, animals important for people Noting that , \"the main nutrients which are our meat, milk, eggs and fat from animals is provided. wear our part of the beasts leather, wool and feathers are made of . human health, which is necessary for vaccines and serums in the performance of animals are utilized ,\"he said.
Animals people who love people more sincere love voicing Ugur, \"Animal friends to be happy in love seek . Animals preserve . Cruelty to animals , let's not . Animals should protect and let them help . Animal Protection Day, what we have learned , life-long , let's apply ,\"he said .

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