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OEF in 2013 mid-term exam questions and answers!-Recent news

OEF in 2013 mid-term exam questions and answers!-Recent news
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5 to 6 January 2013 Open Education Faculty (OEF) will be announced when the mid-term exam questions and answers?

Open Education Faculty (OEF), mid-term exam questions and answers exam week 2-expected to be announced three days later. Previous examinations justified within 2-3 business days after the exam week. Questions and answers samanyoluhaber.combeen announced
You can find the ...

questions and answers published, this ( address


Fall Semester Midterm Examination 05-January 6, 2013
Fall Semester Final Exam 9 to 10 February 2013

Spring Semester Midterm Exam 4 to 5 May 2013
Spring Semester Final Exam 01-02 June 2013

Open Education Faculty to reach 2013 Final Questions and answers directive:

Anadolu University, Economics, Business Since 2001, the Open Education Faculty exam questions and answer keys published in e-book format. Students can log in TC identification number (Open Education Faculty login page:

Open education system, studying at the Open Education Faculty, School of Business and Economics Faculty If you are a student,"Identity Number"You can log in with the e-Learning Portal.

If you open education system, students studying in Western Europe program,"Student Number"can log in with the e-Learning Portal.

Anadolu University formal program, students portal"Student Number"and be able to sign.

formal program, students of foreign nationality portal"9 .."starting with the"Student Number"and be able to sign.

If you are not students of the above in the box"guest"you can log in by typing the e-Learning Portal., however, in this case, most of them take advantage of our service is limited.

faculty members reported to them the user name and password and can log in to the system.

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OEF in 2013 mid-term exam questions and answers!-Recent news" comments for.


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