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  • 30 Ekim 2012, Salı 10:56

OEF registration renewal dates

OEF registration renewal dates
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Anadolu University Open Education Faculty (OEF) registration renewal process is in progress.

OEF registration renewal transactions made between 22 October to 16 November 2012 inclusive. Semester-credit system in education departments and programs re-registration procedures are as follows:

1 Add-on courses in Stage Clear,

2 Step is carried out in two stages, including registration renewal fee paid to the bank ...

Session-credit system in the academic year 2012-2013, recording yeniletecek students, not to exceed 30 ECTS credit course assignment to be made by the Faculty.

Students repeating courses, except for courses designated by the faculty, or a total of 45 ECTS credits, not to exceed eksiltebilir add next semester courses.

course, students will be add-delete process at"Renewal of Registration"link on the page that will need to enter the ID card numbers and passwords.

students, as long as the bank does not pay add-delete process can course. Courses after payment to the bank add-delete operation is not possible ...

OEF registration renewal dates" comments for.


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