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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:40

Of marketeers'Response to Mortar Occupancy

Of marketeers'Response to Mortar Occupancy
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Turkey Sebzeciler Meyveci and mobile marketeers Federation ( TÜSPAF ) Chairman Ali Khan, the biggest problem in the industry stating that the occupation of the mortar , argued that municipalities make unlawful collection .

Antalya news:
Antalya District Chamber of marketeers hosted by the Federation of Turkey Fresh Vegetables and Meyveci professional solidarity and consultation meetings held in the neighborhood of Kemer Goynuk was held at the Queen Elizabeth hotel . Meeting , Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK ) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken , TÜSPAF President Ali Khan, the Federation's Mediterranean Regional Officer Yasar Sword and Turkey from 81 provinces of Turkey Sebzeciler-Meyveci and mobile marketeers Chamber president and Customs and the Ministry of Commerce Representative Ugur Ozbek joined .
at the meeting TÜSPAF President Ali Khan, a shortage at the beginning of occupancy fees on municipalities'application is suggested.
Laws and regulations occupancy fees-day stating that Khan, \"annual or monthly can not be . But unfortunately municipalities knows is reading. law does not listen to because they know the wonder they do not . Yet my arise in a market the next day my place who if her occupation is taking . But years of my occupancy my debt-year month of his time trades a year, two years or a week, two weeks çıkmayınca debt is accumulating . Municipalities also then that large amounts as receivables in front of us is putting \"he said.
BAGS benefit from the legislation did not
Invasion of the advance received a payment is reminiscent Ali Khan, the municipality has accrued these receivables in the law is not specified for the işgaliye from the debtor appears SDs shopkeepers bags Act also benefit from the court said.
Pazarcı of trades municipal accrued invasion mortar liabilities related to open cases that they win but in this case the municipality relations strained stating that Khan \"mayor in the hands of the cards because he occupied mortar raise is doing. Naturally they made us sanction them sometimes are forced to remain silent . This is a huge shortage in the bag that I hope we will do our best to put the Act , \"he said .
around Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization'under the chairmanship of TOKI 40-50 thousand houses in the context of urban regeneration projects in the area of market places forgotten when Ali Khan said , \"these areas the police station , hospital, shopping center market place is being done , but not done. We have started to work on it . Presented in writing to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization . Thereafter Urban Renewal roof will be held under housing into the market place will also be given , \"he said .
Bendevi PALANDÖKEN: Aprons POCKET does not charge
meeting soon joined KESKE President Bendevi Palandöken his speech , the SDs of trades other small business owners like Hypermarkets overwhelmed and earnings decreases stating \"now apron pockets of not filling ,\"he said .
Hypermarkets Draft Law does not want
past marketeers soil semen in the , is working on the streets , but had fertile days Paladoken said , \"Today we have a closed area , where also a lot of places have electricity . But now I do not work that day . On the one hand Hypermarkets, Grossmarket the other hand, your market, your part of society to the market by converting areas of narrowing or people there now you're selling products not different products have come , it is unfair , \"he said , and hypermarkets with legislation somehow been detached was close. Paladoken , hypermarket owners regulations claimed that they did not want .

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