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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:31

Of the Turkish Air Force'to Fake Leather Collector'Warning Against

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Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK ) , the Feast of Sacrifice in this collection continues to sacrifice their skin .

Ankara news: THK President Osman Yıldırım , citizens fake leather collectors warned against a \"fake leather pickers to resist our citizens certainly receipts would they want ,\"he said .
THK President Osman Yıldırım , THK's victims skins collection process related to the descriptions found . They continue to work with 417 branches throughout Turkey , emphasizing the Lightning three thousand works in Ankara said it would serve . Lightning, the citizens of their victims skin in exchange for receiving a receipt to pay attention to where needed , warning that , \"we have received any skin at a part of us, so it will remain our citizens receipt we give . Our remaining part thanks also victims leather number of easily able to control . Fake leather pickers to resist our citizens certainly receipt should they want to . Sacrificial the competent persons must cut believe . because the victim's part is very important. while cutting deep cut needs to be , \"he said .
their receipt of the skin of the THK donated indication that stated that the Lightning said:
\"We spent the last years until the victim skins ourselves , including five on the entity we collected . however, our government made ​​changes in regulations , this regulation cancels victims leather collection event only THK gave . citizens of our skins everyone should give , in return for receipt THK should give . found'Fundraising Act'Within the scope of the administrative authority of this permit must be obtained . THK these permissions every corner of Turkey has taken in and activities allow this within the framework continues . \"
INCOME Where to Use
THK's public interest activities continue emphasizing the Lightning , the resulting income about what kind of activity is used in said:
\"THK has achieved revenues do not go to anyone's pocket . LGD is an institutionalized institutions and the checks are carried out by our government . THK its revenues are primarily used in aviation activities . In this context, Turkey's fifth point Aviation Training Center which our young people are free aviation training . Also opened in 2011, is the Turkish Aeronautical Association and Astronautics University . This is also related to the education of our young people given the aviation sector is an institution. These universities will also be the victim to be able to continue their education to be obtained from skin donation income is used in the activities here . Thanks to the donations made by our citizens THK scholarship students studying at our university last year found 70 per cent . THK our state and our nation as we take orders . In all kinds of activities with our aircraft , our helicopters and ambulances are ready to provide our services . THK is a public institution . This festival also gave us their support to our people to thank . \"
THK staff on the vest on the right side of THK emblem explaining that the Lightning,\"Our citizens by THK given to personnel THK insignia badges and hats with the help of the staff can recognize easily . Our citizens certainly doorstep challenge to people who come to take their skin and LGD let people fall victim to identity their skin to show fine . Let's not destroy our national wealth so well , \"he said .
Lightning victims do not reach the skin of citizens gathering tools THK Headquarters reminded that they can phone 444 0845 number .

Of the Turkish Air Force'to Fake Leather Collector'Warning Against" comments for.


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