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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:17

Officer acquitted had the old myth Ergenekon case

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The proceedings before the Ergenekon case, retired officer stopped MIT MIT amendment to the law on private Yilmaz, was acquitted in the trial on the permission given by the Prime Minister .

İstanbul news: Photo Istanbul 7th defendants at trial in the Assize Court found a private lawyer Yilmaz and ready . Following the start of the trial court president Sadik Özkan, the former Special Authorized Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court following the closure of the case file sent to them , he said . Stating the defendant of Special Yilmaz expression under the File president of the court , an instance of the verdict of the Ergenekon case , he said also sent to court. Photo hearing explaining the legal argument prosecutors Mehmet Murat Dalkuş , \"adequate to the defendant's conviction , free from any suspicion , precise and convincing evidence can not be obtained are kindly requested to be acquitted , \"he said . photo prosecutor's opinion of the then last question asked the Special Yilmaz said:\"I want acquittal me , \"he said .
case of the courts to decide , without doubt contrary to the defense of having committed the offense on private Yilmaz away , was acquitted because the precise and convincing evidence available.
< strong> BACKGROUND OF cASE Photo Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office located in the Ergenekon indictment by the Special Yilmaz MIT Istanbul Regional Vice President during his trial the fugitive accused of giving information about the operation Bedrettin Dalan a'few'he allegedly said . The indictment about Yilmaz said:\"Being a member of an armed terrorist organization \"crime of 7.5 years up to 15 years imprisonment was requested . MIT officials Custom Yilmaz, the Ergenekon case combined with the Action Plan against Reactionary Forces pending sentencing MIT officials as was done in the case law relating to the trial. Prime Minister must allow for the prosecution of MIT officials had sought the new law . After the outbreak of the law in the hearing held on 22 March 2012, the Ergenekon case, the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court , MIT officials had sought permission from the Prime Minister left for the proceedings of the Special Yilmaz file. Prime Minister , retired MIT officials can be tried for Special Yilmaz had let in May 2013. The court in the main case file by merging Yilmaz had decided to play through a separate basis. After the file is divided Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court judge who stood Special Yilmaz, had denied the charges . Istanbul to look after the closure of the Special Court to file 7. Yilmaz was appointed Special Criminal Court .

Officer acquitted had the old myth Ergenekon case" comments for.


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