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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:40

Officer-Sen Call for Help

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Officer-Sen , currently in war with the Syrians and Iraqis who sought refuge in Turkey for humanitarian activities directly and through charities announced that they continue to contribute .

Ankara news:
Officer-You made ​​a statement already , especially Kopani including violence in the region increased by the ongoing conflict due to Turkey as refugees, humanitarian aid continued by stating that , \"Syria and Iraq in the long-running civil war , political uncertainty and instability , depending on each other in both countries the number/domain further increased terrorist organizations and the severity of rising acts of terror engendered war environment , only for these countries but the Middle East and the entire world, humanitarian and politically high-risk sources has become . in Syria and Iraq conflict and war environment since the start of Turkey region's most powerful state and civilization basins center of the country depending on whether the state and the nation with the first humanitarian aid , including from every angle high take responsibility and this responsibility bihakk's fulfilled \"the statement said .
Parties at least one of the terrorist organization that armed conflict and war environment between Syria and Turkey land border referring to drawn attention in a statement said:
\"close to 4 years time the Assad administration inhumane acts are exposed to the Syrian brothers and their country's political uncertainty is very much for a long time deprived of peace and human living conditions of our Iraqi brothers , now sadly falling hadsizlig associate itself with Islam a terrorist organization , even the brutality of expression is insufficient inhuman treatment are faced with . In this context, the rich Western countries , atrocities that took place in Syria , Iraq remained silent spectators to the prevailing climate of terror still remained in the classroom . Middle East policies'human'not out'oil and energy resources through'determines the Western countries, Syria and Iraq agreed number of refugees and its humanitarian sum of Turkey's only the last one within accepted asylum seekers and humanitarian aid is much lower . Global exploitation of the gang members as an indispensable geography what they see as the Middle East lasting climate of war victims in the position of the oppressed humanitarian Scrooges have even failed Western countries , blood exporting and the Middle East war geography to convert on the generosity of the excess position taking. \"
International organizations and governments of Syria and Iraq in the geography of the fight against terrorism within the scope of their activities of innocent civilians and damage to a single non-'s nose bleeding measures to take care to stress the necessity in a statement, \"the fight against terrorism carried out under the multi-state military interventions, civil people suffer more as should create a floor . On the other hand , the Islamic world is the greatest common platform, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab region , which is the largest international organization of the Arab League ; Iraq and Syria deployed with terrorist organizations in the fight against Iraqi and Syrian oppressed for humanitarian activities and Islam world peace, the yearning finish active must take responsibility \"expression was used .
Turkey's state and nation in Syria and Iraq on the current situation stance and the attitude of Western countries prefer the \"national interests \"in the context is not primarily and persistently \"human compassion \"axis determines taken note that the statement was recorded as follows:
\"with this understanding of the Ba'ath regime from persecution to get rid Syrian brothers and sisters borders opened our state and hearts to open our nation ; Syria and Iraq on the basis of the target of terrorist organizations in the chaotic environment and our brothers and sisters in the line of fire of religion , language , ethnicity , regardless'go with the oppressed'understanding of the border crossing was opened and the heart . At present, mainly Kopani including violence in the region increased by the ongoing conflict , depending on our country took refuge/shelter our brothers ancient civilization's mercy and oppressed encroach over the values ​​go out and accordingly the state and the nation as a humanitarian aid to enhance further priority is our responsibility . Officer-Sen Syria and Iraq, ongoing chaos and war environment oppressed people for the humanitarian assistance activities contribute , in this context, activities to be conducted in the pioneer and stakeholders to be , the case of civilization in our understanding of the need we accept. In this spirit , our Confederation , still in the war zone with the Syrians took refuge in our country and for our Iraqi brothers and humanitarian aid organizations through activities contribute directly to the offers . In this regard, our country took refuge from the last process Kobani'nin our innocent brothers oppressed by our organizational units in provinces where guests were feeding and sheltering our brothers are supported to meet their needs . Kobani'nin our brothers and sisters from our headquarters by considering the adverse weather conditions in the first place will receive 5 thousand blankets . Islamic geography atrocities be sentenced as desired through this process just pilgrimage as in the black with the white , with Arabs , with Persians , with Turks and Kurds, unity, solidarity and cooperation in the spirit of escape shall perception as that of Syria and Iraq, the ongoing war in the oppressed our brothers lend a helping hand to be human and our civilization requirement is counting , in this process, the oppressed against all individuals and organizations that support humanitarian activities to thank you on behalf of our nation . \"

Officer-Sen Call for Help" comments for.


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