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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:39

Officer-Sen Su hike Response

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Civil Servants Trade Unions Confederation ( Officer-Sen ) Siirt Provincial Representative Özyeşil Bashir has reacted to the last 30 percent water hike from the City Council.

Siirt news: Photo Özyeşil indicating that the public persecution of Siirt Municipality with this hike, the first and important acts of Siirt Municipality Council noted that 30 percent of the time to make one water . Özyeşil , the water used in the abode of the citizens according to the decision of the council takes 1:33 to rise from pounds 1.77 pounds , while the water used by the bank said it was odd that reduced to 3.87 liras from 11:23 pounds. Özyeşil , \"City Council decisions make all citizens and public institutions adversely affected banks, creating a construction-site work . Citizens who subsist on the minimum wage of this decision , signing the City Council members , the unemployed, the urban poor They do not care sturdy? This decision signature scorers how will confront these people , they will give account of how this society? Or City Council wants to sayeat the cake you can not find the ring bread? after the air we inhalation we need most of our water life is one of the most basic elements. it is her life , our indispensable . Officer-Sen Confederation as salt water dry once again evaluate this hike Siirt City Council as soon as possible and we want to take a step back from this tyranny , \"he said .

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