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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:55

Official holy ceremony in the Rampart to Do

Official holy ceremony in the Rampart to Do
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In Çanakkale Martyrs monument in the past carried out in Eid al-Fitr holy ceremony , to be held on the Feast of Sacrifice in the Namazgah forts .

Çanakkale news:
in Canakkale , officially Kilitbahir holy ceremony will be held in the village in Namazgah forts . City protocol , in redoubt to make Namazgah Eid prayer . After the Eid prayer , holy ceremonies will be held . The ceremony will end by making breakfast . To be holy in the city center will perform the Deputy Governor Hussein of tuberculosis . Of tuberculosis , the 116th Regiment commander of the Gendarmerie Training in food for lunch with soldiers from the trailer bayramlaşıp . Then, after a half-open prison in kindergarten will visit Huseyin Ozcan .
Canakkale Governor Ahmet Cinar, the message has released the Feast of Sacrifice . Governor Cinar, message, \"Holidays nation of mutual love, respect and brotherhood ties strengthen the spiritual virtues developed our , civic cooperation and solidarity at the highest level that is experiencing exceptional days. Nationally , love, respect and tolerance atmosphere characterized by intense , resentment and bitterness of it is forgotten , brotherhood feelings to the highest point reaches an Eid al-Adha more attain happiness and are excited . this feast day Çanakkale compatriot my country and for his country who gave their lives martyrs and veterans of our families , the poor and needy of our citizens , nursing homes nestling in the elderly people and love in their home remaining our puppies leave alone would heartily I believe . them in this life, they are not alone to feel , mother, father or child love feast temperature cherish for all of us a duty of humanity . these feelings and thoughts Çanakkale compatriot my blessed Eid most sincere feelings celebrates health , well-being and happiness wishes I want to give love and respect , \"he said .

Official holy ceremony in the Rampart to Do" comments for.


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