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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:07

Oğuzeli Vocational School'Intimacy And Prophet. Muhammad'Conference on

Oğuzeli Vocational School'Intimacy And Prophet. Muhammad'Conference on
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Gaziantep University ( GAIN) Oğuzeli Vocational School ,'Happy Birthday Week'events in the framework Oğuzeli County were the guests of Mufti Shaban Cond .

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep University ( GAIN) Oğuzeli Vocational School ,'Happy Birthday Week'events in the framework Oğuzeli County were the guests of Mufti Shaban Cond . Delivering the opening speech of the conference
Oğuzeli Assistant Director of Vocational School . Assoc. Dr. . Necip Fazil Yilmaz, Gaziantep University education vision alongside students of life, social and cultural aspects that prepare with activities with students is a combination , said:\"Every year the Presidency of Religious Affairs with the various themes and activities are organized. This year's Sincerity and the Prophet. Muhammad'theme is selected. We the Prophet our master morality and behavior learned , with sincerity of our lives adapting must , \"he said .
Oğuzeli County Mufti Shaban Kondi the \"mercy for all creatures sent as a Valentine Prophet . Muhammad ( SAW)'s birth anniversary , all humanity, peace , peace, happiness and justice, I wish to bring . Prophet Hz. Muhammad , ( pbuh) people selected from , believe the very compassionate and merciful Prophet , \"he said.
Saban Kondi , human ignorance transfer was alive , people rights, justice , honesty, concepts like have forgotten , crushed the weak strong , saying, \"My child is an embarrassment to have was buried alive . Twenty-three-year prophetic time period from the dark days of the end of the cycle of ignorance , which consists of people afraid to hurt a fly happiness century, we see that the sun illuminates the entire world . It's such a big change in a short period of time , of course, the architect of the Prophet sent as a mercy to the worlds . Muhammad ( S.A.V ) du. Our beloved Prophet throughout his life has done no work to deceive people . He has never lied , people have been encroaching upon their property , the taking of life was unjustly . In a hadith of our beloved Prophet has expressed this concern as follows .'Muslims are safe from his tongue and hands of people whom are'; Extract said a that prophet , he wished for the nation you want to , and in this regard he said:None of you for himself wanted for his Muslim brother , unless you want ( in real terms ) have faith , \"he said .
\"Our dear Prophet , he said , and his work for life in harmony because the society they lived an exemplary person shown and its Muhammed'ül sure has been called \"the Saban Kondi ,\"people of whatever faith , no matter just because there were people value yielded . Indeed, a respected Jewish funeral was passing on his feet , he is said to have belonged to a Jewish funeral ; respect of that person's human being has declared that a sufficient reason to . Always been forgiving , in the conquest of Mecca , who previously tormented him all kinds of punishment instead of giving all the polytheists were forgiven . Our beloved Prophet is not only admits light to the notification of religion . Transferred to the life form of Islam in the world, we will shape how our lives , which we fulfill our own principles , we have maintained with people in the community life of our Lord again settle for a life that we learn of His life . Muhammad was the talk of the product , what product Muhammeds conversation . It is nice if you talk of . Yes, today we meet here in this beautiful environment causes , which itself is powerless to explain the words of my dear boyfriend, affection and longing for the love we have to abide , \"he said .

Oğuzeli Vocational School'Intimacy And Prophet. Muhammad'Conference on" comments for.


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