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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 15:15

Oguzhan Baby New Year New Life

Oguzhan Baby New Year New Life
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9-cm mass in the liver identified and initiated 28 months of chemotherapy at the first birthday Oguzhan 2013 started badly for the baby and family, well done.

İzmir news: 9-cm mass in the liver identified and initiated 28 months of chemotherapy at the first birthday Oguzhan 2013 started badly for the baby and family, well done. Get two months after mass nüksedin again by cancer chemotherapy but inconclusive liver transplant Oguzhan baby was saved from the disease. Son for the second time, giving life joy so flying mother Zeynep Tuzgu, the (31),"2013, hospitals have introduced, we were desperate, only wish our baby regain their health was., 2014 in the hospital but this time the happy're going,"he said.
Çan township Kocayayla in the village sitting housewives Zeynep Tuzgu with a ceramic factory worker Ismail Tuzgu (33) girls Nazlıcan (10) from the years after the August 23, 2011 at his sons Oğuzhan lap got their. Oguzhan was growing smoothly. Oğuzhan there was little left to enter the age. Couples tiny for their son's upcoming birthday celebration plans, while Oğuzhan noticed swelling in the belly in the doctor took a breath. Oğuzhan in a private hospital in Biga in the liver mass was determined to be 9 centimeters in diameter. Oguzhan, Bursa Uludag University Hospital for treatment were referred to. Oğuzhan was started on chemotherapy. After 10 cycles of chemotherapy on May 7, 2013 Oguzhan lay on the operating table. Oguzhan in the baby's liver mass and cleaned up, but two months after the illness recurred. This place 2-3 times smaller than the diameter of the liver mass was found. The pair had hard times Tuzgu again than five cycles of chemotherapy drug benefits for the baby, it does not, you will get a chance to life with a liver transplant was told. Oguzhan for liver transplantation were referred to Izmir City Hospital. After the initial tests Oğuzhan liver transplant, transplant Tüzgen's mother has decided to do without. Izmir City Hospital Transplant Liver Transplant Programme Officer Prof. Headed by Prof. Murat Kilic. Dr.. Murat Zeytoun, Professor. Dr.. Mehmet Alper, Professor. Dr.. Cigdem Arikan, Oper. Dr.. Cahit Yilmaz, Opr.Dr. Featured in victory, Oper. Dr.. And Dr. Rasim Farajov. Emotions team consists of Honor did. Held on 12 December 2013 in transplanted healthy liver tissue is replaced by the mother's liver cancer. In the last days of 2013, taking the happy news Zeynep Tuzgu mothers who rejoice,"This Christmas Christmas to us,"he expressed joy.
Tuzgu, the 2013 started very bad, said he has been as follows :"O Gluma liver cancer diagnosed after hospital us was home. Aug. 23, 2012 my son's first birthday to celebrate the but that day the first chemotherapy received. first birthday day were at the hospital. O Christmas in the hospital were. single Our wish Oğuzhan regain their health was. 2013 was very difficult. son is 15 months chemo, 1.5 years just past Sugar Feast were at home. Even when we get nothing, did not notice. because the home visitor can not accept it, out also could not get. chemotherapy and surgery did not help, the only chance transport, they said. single and the last chance whether or not the Izmir City Hospital particular would be. Fortunately, that last chance we have used. Currently my son is very good, a healthy liver has gained another Nowhere in the not bounce. Maybe protect several cycles of chemotherapy may be necessary if, it is never a problem. Very happy this Christmas in the hospital is, but everything is completely different. son's us at our faces, laughing. 2013 started badly, well done. Allah to all patients to heal you . the new year, I wish all of this."
other hand Assoc. Dr.. Sword, performed after transplantation from his mother's health condition is very good Oğuzhan, said they would discharge in the coming days. Little Oguzhan the new year celebrations in liver transplant clinics hair from chemotherapy alone out wearing hat, cause it smiles around with balloons in hand, heart to set up the throne.

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