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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:05

Oil And Gas Stations Dealers in Petbayd Roof Met

Oil And Gas Stations Dealers in Petbayd Roof Met
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Oil dealers and gas stations throughout Turkey , Petroleum and Petroleum Products Dealers Association of Consumers ( PETBAYD are ) met .

İstanbul news: Photo Petroleum dealers and gas stations, fuel oil and related sectors in Turkey , went to the association in an integrated way in order to ensure representation . Fatma established in Benefits presidential Petroleum Dealers and Petroleum Products Consumers Association ( PETBAYD ) , opinions and recommendations Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Recep especially in the coming days to receive and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu , including , Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Minister of Finance Mehmet lightning and EMRA Chairman will meet with Mustafa Yilmaz .
Association President Fatma Benefits , visit this sector's problems and stated that they care a lot in order to transfer their expectations , \"PETBAYD as government welcomes with appreciation of 12 years of successful performance for many years, both in the domestic market as well as foreign markets to investors the positive air to disperse providing confidence , we think the government is stable and will be able to offer continuity policies. we see the continuation of this stability is very important , \"he said .
year 100 billion in excess with a trading volume of approximately 150 thousand people are employed and our country, explaining that they founded this association to represent the fuel sector constituting 13.5 percent of all tax revenues Fatma Benefits , said:\"by contributing to the industry's true foundation of growth we want to make a positive impact on social and economic development of our country . To express an opinion in the preparation of the necessary legal arrangements to be able to trade the level of developed countries, the fuel dealers, worker safety and a clean environment and weather issues both employers as well as to raise awareness on the workers'side, all by organizing trainings and meetings to make them in the integration of Turkey into a modern world active role we desire to bring a new perspective to the industry with desire to get the \"Photo PETBAYD as accurate diagnosis and analysis against the both regional problem the government should sector reported that they believed that benefit , \"this process by proper analysis , our government develops new strategies, particularly economic , including social made great strides in the political arena and do not want to grow our Turkey, has been tackling the integrity of our country and nation mean that all the elements . PETBAYD as we also must fulfill our responsibility to our Turkey and actively will try , \"he said . Photo Fatma Benefits found the following assessment of the economy:\"Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI) , according to the per capita income was $ 10,818 , our country in the world enter between 20 largest economies have reached a high level income countries . All these were a very nice addition to regulatory measures relating to oil sector development , but still informality and non-fuel causing air pollution , but to reach consumers of alternative products used as fuel could not be avoided. PETBAYD it represents the interests of industry , determination of policy towards the European Union integration process and implementation ; take an active role in the identification of problems to be realistic and enforceable. Thus, both quantitative as well as in real terms will contribute to the growth of our country . \"

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