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Olimpiyat adventure Yedikıta'da

Olimpiyat adventure Yedikıta'da
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Yedikıta History and Culture Magazine, September issue of the Olympic Games are under the spotlight.

adventure games 2 thousand 789 years

viewing magazines, historian, author, Harun Tuncer his research 'Ottoman Olympic Olympic Adventure of a game?' offers to cover the title.

Olimpiyat starting point for the purposes of and transferred to the article detailing the history of the Ottoman Empire in the approach put forward.

Elis, Greece, according to the information given in the magazine Olimpia'da active in the society, as the name of the city in 776 BC, the Olympic emerging, in the name of god, Zeus addettikleri 'physical and mental Mecz in harmony through 'the name given to the ceremonies. In these games, the temple priests were left to the viewer fees. Women are not for this celebration, thrown into the abyss of a secret sail punished if caught. Another anticipated games Affairs to end the fighting between the states of the often conflicting been issued.

during the period of the Macedonian and Roman kingdom of King Hassan II of this ongoing games. Theodiosius time had ceased. According to the Christian king and eliminate kaldırılmalıydı âdetiydi a pagan.


the beginning of the modern Olympics participation in the Ottoman Empire as well as weapons and to open an exhibition of the proposals offer the first official article outlining some initiatives in 1906 Registering also made. Stops from the center of the Ottoman Empire Olympics specified, formal invitations, but politely declined discussed Mahsusa transferred to the State Council. Participation in the informal participants in the non-Muslim minorities are allowed to occur, but are usually described.

November in the journal also is Fast 'in Syria, with 100 thousand Nusayri Muslim', Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hilmi Selim Özkan 'Captive falling Zenta'da Muhr-i Humayun', Professor. Dr. Zia Kenan Tas' Baghdad Kelekli Diyarbakir Travel ', Erkan Kirin' Kubbeşehir Istanbul, Hüseyin Cemil 'poor Turkish!', Asst. Assoc. Dr. Rashid Gündoğdu 'Supreme Assembly of the Ottoman Divan-i Humayun", and who wrote a document from the archive Ertugrul Özbilen' They can go to America A Zionist Jews to Palestine 'is the title given by the text.

Olimpiyat adventure Yedikıta'da" comments for.


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