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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:06

Olives with the village headman Abu Outcomes Grant Processing Facility

Olives with the village headman Abu Outcomes Grant Processing Facility
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Bursa Mudanya neighborhood of the town's headman Kumyaka Buoyant Ramis , adding a new one to the various projects that produce olive storage and processing facility gives the neighborhood.

Bursa news: Photo founded in 2010 by S. S. Ramiz Kumyak village headman who was president of the Cooperative Agricultural Development Buoyant , olive storage in plant construction started , said portion of brine and packaging to be found. Buoyant , Kumyakası olive growers cooperative with 280 members together under one roof to reconstruct said. Buoyant , prepare and olive brine plant project in 2013 by the cooperative to offer the IPARD grant program , a total of 1 million 350 thousand worth of projects will be given as a grant by the EU, 50 percent of the grant to which 675 thousand pounds in the year to end co-deposited in the account , he said. < Br/> in recent days which started to be single-storey 450 square meter facility Buoyant stating that they aimed to bring into operation the first months of 2015, the plant's annual 350-ton capacity would be, pickled as well as sorting , packaging, packing to do and said they would do retail olives for sale. Photo Kumyak to'the development of the path of the Buoyant indicating that the olive , \"we have established a cooperative in 2010 to Kumyakası's economic development. Women and Fisheries in more have established the association. we produce continuous projects. we produce olives we needed a facility to sell boutique ourselves as store wholesale and retail . EU presented a proposal to the Institute of Agricultural Development in bundling IPARD scope and we awarded grants . After the olive producers to plant crops in Kumyakası activities to operate and will paketlet here . Average retail selling the olives can not buy 3 pounds will get more profit , \"he said .

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