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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 09:24

Olten Public Library Library Project Start-e Verdi Turkey

Olten Public Library Library Project Start-e Verdi Turkey
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Olt County Public Library, according to a statement from the Directorate ; housewife could not use or using low level and gentlemen performed against the 2nd of Computer Training starts at 1 October 2014 were reported.

Erzurum news:
Olt County Public Library Director Ali Trust , said ; \"Libraries and Publications Department and Hacettepe Technopolis-Technology Transfer Center by the Presidency under the auspices of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fonlanarak supported in 2013 July, starting from the 28-month-long \"library-e Turkey \"project particularly disadvantaged segments of society that no computer user who does not know or lower level of knowing housewives and gentlemen the computer education 2nd October 1, 2014, from the start , \"he said .
project computer technology and applications introduction to Microsoft Office Word , Excel Training e-Government and SSI applications, Curriculum Vitae ( CV) , preparing ranks .
Library Director Trust, developing and changing social structure itself in the recognition and electronic media, the ability to use an important requirement stating that \"Internet-based services given irrevocable way our lives are affected. use of the Internet in all societies a rapid increase shows . But particularly disadvantaged segments of society to benefit sufficiently from the internet service which is another fact . In a society disadvantaged sections can say the elderly , low income , low education level disability group internet services utilize them for these layers, existing imbalances are exacerbated .
Among its citizens access to information inequality in a country of information society objectives How accessible ? For the same problems seen in other countries are trying to create solutions on what to do . Examples of public libraries in various countries engaged in this issue shows that . In European countries , especially the European Union, upon recommendation of the Public libraries meet the information needs of disadvantaged sections of society are becoming the most important institutions . So much so that public libraries ; citizens'education, acquiring skills to participate in various economic activities , such as participation in social life, they have become the first choice in the area . \"he said .

Olten Public Library Library Project Start-e Verdi Turkey" comments for.


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