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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:38

On the way to the student victim Register

On the way to the student victim Register
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To enroll in the university with his family by car from Ankara , Amasya, Corum going to crash and broken jaw Ridvan 18-year-old was about to return to private records of excitement nightmare Amasya University has grown to the rescue .

Amasya news: University to enroll with his family by car from Ankara , Amasya way Corum crash and jaw broken 18-year-old Ridwan private records of excitement nightmare was about to turn the rescue Amasya University has grown.
Baba Ali private uses 06 ZRA 81 plate car in front of the car hit the rollbar as a result of accidents occurring in the private and in the head injured son Ridvan ambulance Hittite University Training and Research Hospital under treatment were removed .
results of jaw fractures detected Ridvan's were included in the head winding . Treatment for the continued return to Ankara is recommended and college that excitement half , which will remain private to the rescue of accident who Amasya University officials were trained .
Amasya University General Secretary Hasan Özyurt'un as instructed officials Ridvan record for receiving Çorum sent . Hospital output against them Amasya University officials saw private family time lived in astonishment.
Student brought the documents examined Technical Sciences Vocational School Secretary Spiritual Sword, signature took power program record made ​​.
each Amasya University Press and Public Relations Director Timur Yilmaz also the university officials , thanks to the Ridvan private , \"What do we do'm thinking . Meanwhile almost Amasya University has grown ,\"he said .
uncle Lifetime Iron , beginning injured father Ali with special win over the shock of throwing working mothers Nure private , the most difficult moments beside the Amasya University administrators have to thank.
family wishes to get past in Amasya University Rector Dr. Text Orbay , this year will be about five thousand students were enrolled at the University of Amasya in this and similar cases, conscious of its social responsibility , he said .

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