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  • 21 Eylül 2014, Pazar 10:57

One can not imagine an hour to slim 3.5 centimeters

One can not imagine an hour to slim 3.5 centimeters
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Director of Outpatient Medical Aesthetic Physician Pharmacologist to Mayasant Dr.

İstanbul news: Director of Outpatient Medical Aesthetic Physician Pharmacologist to Mayasant Dr. Revolution Gursoy, neglected during the summer as a result of a balanced and regular nutrition programs in the body of unwanted images \"stop\", he said at the exact time .
applied in clinics for the first time in Turkey proshock ice (cold lipolysis and acoustic wave therapy ) method , in a very short time next to healthy slimming , cellulite is not also indicating that Dr. Gursoy Revolution , \"In this way, get rid of unwanted fat in your area ,\"he said .
Dr. Gursoy, get in shape the era's most important objectives is one of the emphatically said:\"Not a day a new diet program and the accompanying new regional weakening and thinning method is not to . These large areas , in a way women-men and a serious alternative solutions while offering on the other hand seriously leads to confusion and fruitless effort . \"
Dr. Revolution Gursoy , weight loss and getting in shape efforts can be successful three basic condition stating that the first of them individually , age , sex , physical activity level and lifestyle, a proper nutrition program is emphasized .
WEIGHT Given that DILUTION < strong> is received thickened WEIGHT PROBLEM AREA
Dr. Revolution Gursoy, success in the second condition , the person's weight when the thinning but whereas weight gain when thickened , problematic and resistant regions in combating get the result is expressed as , \"A person's image and self-esteem distorts in this area of fat reduction and a noticeable thinning , ensuring we often struggle the problem is that we have , \"he said .
Finally, a person's fat loss as much as possible to provide the troubled region that tells Dr. Gursoy, whereas facial regions such as the crash does not happen , examine the region's sagging skin and recovery applications for the realization that it is important underlined .
Dr. Revolution Gursoy, these conditions at the same time can provide a regional thinning method should be followed is extremely important , saying said:
\"At this point right nutrition program administered by the highly successful results can provide , in a single session even detected a thinning and causing also sagging skin that allows proshock ice application is activated . application in the first stage oils, skin-5 degrees until the vacuum accompaniment ( kriyolipoliz ) by cooling is returned and immediately following the same procedure applied in the shock wave treatment ( shock wave ) is falling apart , as well as on the skin , this combination depending recovery emerges. \"
Medical Aesthetic Physician Pharmacologist Dr. Revolution Gursoy process , to date practices influence unlike the thinning is providing both fat burning , as well as the skin recover said.
A week or 15 days to be applied from 4 to 8 sessions problematic in the area of serious changes can be sufficient for the transfer of Dr. Gursoy, in a single session 3.5-4 centimeters thinning and recovery practices eye-catching results , he said .
Gursoy, practice healthy to lose weight, you want people who will choose the most effective , popular and easy method at the beginning of the future , he added.

One can not imagine an hour to slim 3.5 centimeters" comments for.


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