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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2012, Cuma 00:47

One-fourth of trade in the Middle East, the UAE is performing

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Exchange of commercial exchange between Arab countries 490 billion dollars, the biggest and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 's reportedly carried out.

the largest exchange of commercial exchange between the Arab countries and $ 490 billion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 's reportedly carried out. The figure recorded last year in the UAE's total trade in the region was stated to be equivalent to one-quarter.

ranking the world's largest oil exporter Saudi Arabia and the Middle East's largest economy came in second took third place in Iraq. Then again came to the Gulf States, Qatar and Kuwait.

between the Kuwait-based Arab countries according to a report published by the Investment Guarantee Corporation, the commercial exchange of import-export all the Arab countries last year exceeded $ 2 trillion. Engaged in import and export of 490.5 billion U.S. dollars was 24.3 percent share of the UAE. The Emirates 205 billion dollars in imports, while exports were estimated at 285 billion dollars.

Saudi Arabia's trade exchange in 2011 reached $ 475.5 billion and its exports amounted to 364.5 billion dollars. The experts of nine million barrels per day of oil production in excess of the kingdom maintained its position as the largest exporter in the Arab world, and until recently the Arab League, consisting of 21 member countries, he said the biggest importer. Last few years, the UAE, from the largest importing country rose. From the other countries in the first row in the list in 2011, the total import and export figures were as follows:Iraq (137 billion dollars), Qatar (124.5 billion dollars), Kuwait (123.5 billion dollars) and Algeria (119.5 billion dollars).

One-fourth of trade in the Middle East, the UAE is performing" comments for.


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