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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:07

One more from the Metropolitan Gym

One more from the Metropolitan Gym
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To a chain of sports facilities in Bursa add new rings every day by the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Pasha Vefik made Anatolian High School gym was opened with a ceremony.

Bursa news: To a chain of sports facilities in Bursa add new rings every day by the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Pasha Vefik made Anatolian High School gym was opened with a ceremony.
Mayor Recep Altepe, gym at the opening ceremony, Bursa, giving new facilities to encourage citizens to experience the thrill of the sport, he said. Bursa in recent years in the sport very serious steps that the President Altepe,"Bursa's a healthy sport city needed to be're working. Bursa in all areas while renewing amateur sports also for supporting our activities are continuing. Bursa, a separate vision we draw"said.
of the city in every field evolved remarkable Altepe President,"Bursa sports city to be the most important target was one of our. youth healthy, sportsman, idealistic goals of young people who might be the best way to study for institutionalization to give importance. youth of our pedestrian from sports they can do healthy sports fields are introducing. sports in Turkey's biggest investment the provinces of Bursa was,"he said.
President Altepe, Bursa 48 thousand athletes pointed out that Vefik Ahmet Pasha Anatolian High School Sports Hall In this period, the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa imparted by 108 stressed that sports facilities.
President Altepe, as well as the continuity of institutionalization of ensuring that it is important to express, imparted to the city constantly on the use of sports facilities noted that the duration of studies. President Altepe, gym, 900 square meters of single-storey, 1 of the basic system seismic regulations made in accordance with that, volleyball and basketball sports facilities, offering 540 square meters of the playing field is found, the play area of ​​the roof of steel scissor roof is made of the wet matte porcelain tile flooring is used, the walls shock absorber shock panels are mounted and a gym with landscaping border , pavement asphalt applications made also told.
Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, the"Recent changes in the law with the Metropolitan Municipality 30 March elections after the province's entire service will take. however Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, March 30, pending county services to the already delivers, facilities to bring continues. President Altepe'ye congratulate"he said.
Karaloğlu, school gym, the entire region would serve a de-stressing,"As you know 'Schools get life' project gyms outside of school hours school students, as well as the Mimar Sinan in the quarter of all students and parents, will be open. School principals citizens shut their doors to. these halls necessary 24-hour held in the neighborhood all of the sports club will serve. Here in this city as the governor instructed promise. these sports halls, in the future, the Olympics and all sports in the activities of our country flag flying athletes who trained believe,"he said.
Karaloğlu, President Altepe'ye education and sports for support was presented a plaque.
Provincial Education Director Atilla Gülser the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa imparted facilities contribute to an increase in the city's sporting success, he said.
Karaloğlu After the speeches, a ribbon cutting and President Altepe, basketball shot made by visiting the gym. The ceremony was also attended by the guests from Tirana.

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