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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:40

One of the goals of Hope Çamlica Büyükçekmece TV Tower Attractions New TV Tower

One of the goals of Hope Çamlica Büyükçekmece TV Tower Attractions New TV Tower
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Endem büyükçekmece located within the boundaries of the TV tower is not used for six years, the frequency is not given .

İstanbul news: Empty the only hope for this outstanding tower , which will be topped Çamlıca new television tower .
Which is Turkey's first TV tower TV tower in Büyükçekmece Endem could not get 6 years of analog broadcasting frequencies . With evolving technology replaces analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting ( digital terrestrial broadcasting ) left. United Nations International Telecommunication Union , through an agreement signed in Geneva in 2006 until June of 2015 , countries in the region has necessitated the switch to digital broadcasting . Used by many countries in the world gradually began to use digital broadcasting in Turkey . Since March 2015, also planned to cease analog broadcasting completely . In line with this objective and to remove image noise in car and drive many television and radio broadcast antennas and towers will be demolished . Total of 365 meters in length instead of digital broadcasting television tower will be more suitable for .
Unused due to the analog frequency allocation only hope Endem TV tower which will be held in the car and drive new television tower . Çamlıca which will be at the top of the television tower is waiting in Büyükçekmece is expected to work with the television tower . Çamlıca tower in the European part of the western part of the correct signal efficiency in the reduction of this gap in the Büyükçekmece tower fill is planned.
12 years, statuesque TV TOWER
TV tower Büyükçekmece become a symbol Büyükçekmece said Mayor Dr. Hasan Akgun \"This tower frequency allocation would do. Tower in the old system that analog broadcasts would be made. Unfortunately, this legal status resolved at the point of Ankara too late. Later terrestrial digital broadcasting comes along , come to us based on the information that the broadcasting system after switching frequency will be given direction . Official information to date us a concrete answer was not given. Çamlıca to the top of the television tower at the time of the two working together is required. because every good side of the signal in terms of efficiency good feed needs . Çamlıca tower started this year if its construction will not last long I think . these two towers at the latest 1.5 in the year engaged think . towers of so far not used in the rebellion but I'm not sitemkar know. Turkish media of telecommunications and general manager within the grasp of a lot better evaluated was supposed to be . television tower of our story so far that has come. then hope Çamlıca hill be made to the television tower which is . It is 12 years since the statuesque Çamlıca Endem television tower which will be held on top of the television tower will be freed thanks . And here, in this suffering will be over. Now we hope Çamlıca top construction planned television tower , the construction of the end , and each of the two towers at the same time the introduction said.
Büyükçekmece television construction of the tower began in 1998 and ending in 2008, overall construction has become ready for use . In the construction of the tower eight thousand cubic meters of concrete, 900 tons of iron , 650 tons of steel were used. Büyükçekmece Endem with the City Construction Co. be constructed on the side of the TV tower , will cost $ 55 million . Turkey's first television tower , the tower , 230 meters high, with 4 of the world's 17th largest TV tower in Europe has the distinction of being . 2 elevators in the tower has a capacity of 25 people . It lifts from the floor of the terrace looking out on the field is 60 seconds . In Tower , a revolving restaurant 450 seats , cruise and reception are multiples .


One of the goals of Hope Çamlica Büyükçekmece TV Tower Attractions New TV Tower" comments for.


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