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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 20:40

One Suspect Arrested

One Suspect Arrested
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Bilecik , played three motorcycle theft and her grandmother's house to burn crimes captured , but the probation law, taking advantage of the free remaining indictees , and finally theft with the goal enters the house caught red-handed and then removed by the court were arrested.

Bilecik news:
Bilecik City Police Department, Public Security Branch teams , successful efforts have solved motorcycle theft-related events , captured and sent to the court that the suspect Murat B. ( 22) was released by taking advantage of the probation law . After that happened the day before yesterday evening independence of the judicial process continued investigations about the fire in the neighborhood teams, working with carefully incident suspect Murat B., who is still detained . Suspect In his statement at the police station , the event that a dispute between confess with my grandmother and said that it burned their homes . Impairments Following this statement , released by the prosecution .
Public Security Manager Seyhan Yildirim, all the teams on duty last night to be careful about this person said. 4:30 in the morning in the neighborhood at the time of Mustafa Kemal Street sitting İsmetpaşa BC , came home and noticed the sound from the suspected thief could be reported to 155 police emergency line with the event . Public Security Branch teams to the scene , to rob the house about to jump from the glass shield while Murat B., caught red-handed . Received Expressions Murat Impairments , violation of domicile by the court on charges of theft and was arrested and sent to Bilecik M Type Closed Prison .

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