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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:47

Onikişubat The staff has learned the tricks of Communication

Onikişubat The staff has learned the tricks of Communication
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Kahramanmaras-service training for the staff of the Municipality of Central Onikişubat progress.

Adana news: Onikişubat Municipality, dry the citizen satisfaction even further in order to increase staff for the personal communications and public relations, has taught .
Our country's successful Personal Development and Social Communication Specialist of the Conqueror Vultures by Necip Fazil Kısakürek Cultural Center provided education, in communication from each other on important issues reference , tricks were described. First, the work performed must be performed lovingly describing the Vulture, the secret of success was noted that the work done now than to be loved . Thousands 542'nci perform the training program of the participants acclaimed Vulture, \"Martin Luther King says ,'what business you do, enjoy doing . Town scavenger you can be , but it is rubbish job like Beethoven music yaparca , the like Mozart composing yaparca , the Picasso-like picture çizerce to made , this city's best scavenger that street works no matter'he says. you do the job that you love. It's that simple . you that task , giving credence heard that bread which is conducive to a loyalty if you have humanity in the name of loyalty , if you have your business, your love and need to do . Persons dresses, colors, races, religions , not just being human enough for us for a reason . now never remember . Against the one we learn to listen , we will be patient, we will . Already patience least not do it we will . every night of the magnitude , each incoming speed is will we know . People placate the we will not fear . Folks a rule , a person's life want to earn won the hearts , \"he said .
Education after evaluation found in Vulture, municipal staff already contact point quite well at one point , he said . Himself with this training deficiencies in a bit , though try to bridge stated that the Vulture, the following were expressed:
\"I hope our friends happy and were satisfied . Important thing here only as a municipality in the thinking of the staff in our daily lives , social lives and family lives in the finer points we tried to give . Protocol rules hold , sitting to the principals , the citizens welcome hold the farewell until all parts have tried to give . Elia as best we can . Already our friends at this point, they trained people. Hence such trained people to provide training easier, more profitable is happening to us . Already themselves people who had . I'm at it that way than they'm very happy , than I'm glad . because even people training is easier . \"
participating in training Deputy Mayor Nihan Büyükderel well , the seminar was very efficient , said vultures thanked . Onikişubat Municipality, staff, citizen relationship attaches great importance to the voicing Büyükderel , \"Today, conquerors , guys , thanks very nice training program we had. Both educational and entertaining, it was an education . Contact public relations and how it should be told. Ben himself Mayor Hanafi Mahçiçek name the institution on behalf of my thank you. again, then education will continue . Fatih our teacher also very different issues are always welcomed , \"he said .
Deputy Mayor of Fatih Yogurt, Unit Managers and many of the staff attended training , commemorative photo shoot came to an end .


Onikişubat The staff has learned the tricks of Communication" comments for.


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