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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:01

Onsite President was slow Problems Look

Onsite President was slow Problems Look
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Sındırgı Mayor Ekrem Slow, continues to study the problems of displaced rural neighborhood.

Balıkesir news: Photo of Balıkesir Sındırgı between the years 2004-2009 Mayor attaches importance to stream rehabilitation in order to prevent floods in the district Ekrem slow , yet the creek Nonetheless, investigations found improvement in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, due to the neighborhood of SINDIRGI District Headman of flooding in areas experiencing heavy rainfall Turan go with Kocabaş and Municipal Directorate of Science Affairs team examined over the issue. Slow Chairman stated that the stream improvement has been made, \"Our previous mayor period 2004-2009 years between the Black Forest , the foundation Creek and Ilıcalı of Sındırgı serious sense of stream improvement we make with the State Water Works Department in the creek Marketplace , thankfully in the Black Forest stream in the market place input we also Yörükler Stream we do not experience flooding. One problem is unfortunately sounds more done in previous periods zoning problems ahead of us . this is because the did they type probably in the reconstruction carried out in this period made​​during periods when there's no water at all foresee FAILED streams. streams do not say they subject these problems in our business is difficult in a serious sense . us together with the work we did today , solve problems from the beginning that this stream of water comes first . creating a new line new route will try to solve the problem in the mosque Hopefully Nonetheless, the neighborhood of our written Poplar and crunch on . our Scientific Affairs will do the work map associated with this work , \"he said .
Kocabaş the mayor thanked the President for the work slow .

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