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  • 04 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 14:46

Op. Dr.. Agile:"Otitis Media is more common in children"

Op. Dr.. Agile:
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Ear Nose Throat Specialist Hospital Specialty Optimed Op.

Tekirdağ news: Ear Nose Throat Specialist Hospital Specialty Optimed Op. Dr.. Agile Brigade, children of the Eustachian tube is shorter due to the flatter and more common in children with otitis media said.
collection of fluid in the ear, such as ear infections, and providing information about health problems, Op. Dr.. Agile, three types of otitis media is expressed as the eustachian tube obstruction serous otitis media in the eardrum severe crash and middle ear ossicles in the melting-induced hearing loss may develop said.
Of inflammation in the middle ear bacteria settle disease will multiply to results consists of voicing Agile,"Middle ear germs usually eustachian tube through the nasal passages and throat comes from. Eustachian tube in children is straight and short due to middle ear infections in children are more common. tympanic membrane is intact as long as the external ear from the middle ear inflammation that will do the bacteria are not allowed. Sometimes in the middle ear associated with bacteria-inflammatory develop. This condition usually eustachian tube allergies or adenoid reasons such as clog in the middle ear pressure problems to occur and viscous fluid collection depends. serous otitis media called this condition associated with bacteria mid messengers of inflammation different from the symptoms data and treatment also is different. bacteria due to inflammation usually with drug treatment cholangitis, serous otitis media, sometimes eardrum draw or tube to plug shaped require surgery. middle ear infections the most common symptom is pain in the highlight Op. Dr.. agile, especially children's pain more than the stated that he felt . middle ear infections hearing loss, fever, infants, restlessness, fullness noted that such complaints seen Agile,"If you pierce the eardrum inflammation occurs bloody or purulent discharge. In serous otitis media, hearing loss occurs without pain. Chronic middle ear inflammation is hearing loss, intermittent or continuous discharge or bad smell in the form of symptoms would be,"he said.
Newly formed a middle ear infection diagnosed in the examination subject, reminiscent of the Op. Dr.. Agile, serous and chronic otitis media, hearing in testing is necessary, he said. acute otitis media usually antibiotics and pain medication appropriately treated in voicing Op. Dr.. agile,"Rarely antibiotics did not respond in cases eardrum draw required. 'Serous otitis media before drug treatment is applied again. In particular, serous otitis media associated with allergy respond well to drug therapy. But many times in the form of eardrum surgery draw or need to intubate. Chronic otitis media rarely provides sufficient treatment of drug treatment. Chronic otitis media treatment of usually is surgery"he said.
Inflammation of recurrent otitis media make the diagnosis of the patient's six month period, three or more otitis media should spend highlight Op. Dr.. Agile,"Recurrent otitis media with in children with cleft palate, nose and sinus allergy, adenoid, sinusitis, the disease is investigated. If either is found to be cured. Preventive treatment of such diseases can not be found if it is done. To do this, otitis media without the low dose of antibiotics, the ear drum scratching or eardrum tube insertion, adenoid receiving and some vaccines such as making the method resorted to,"he said.
Otitis media in the SURGERY
Serous otitis media in patients with hearing loss begins to occur, if the situation with drug treatment does not improve the surgery requirement that specifies Op. Dr.. agile, chronic middle ear inflammation inflammation of the middle ear ossicles melting starts and the surrounding tissue began to spread in case of surgeries should be noted.
Acute otitis appropriate doses and the appropriate period of time when treated with generally cause a danger that the said Agile,"Serous otitis media in the eardrum in severe crashes and middle ear ossicles in the melting-induced hearing loss. Sometimes in severe crashes membrane called the middle ear cholesteatoma and bone tissue that is causing the melting of obstruction and inflammation may spread to the surrounding tissues. Chronic otitis media is a type of inflammation that can lead to the most danger. Cholesteatoma occurs in more chronic inflammation. If you cholesteatoma and acceptable if you have a hearing loss, surgery may be needed. Not be operated in serous otitis media and accumulation of fluid in the membrane increases crash. Hearing loss comes to the level of everyday life that make it difficult to apply, and then decreases the chances of success of surgery. If the hearing loss in chronic otitis media is less passive and inflammation is the case, we often do not discharge may continue life without surgery. In this case, the patient ear to miss the water as possible and should try not to have upper respiratory tract infection. However inflammation often become active stream is going on, hearing loss is headed, ear bones dissolve in rising and if otitis media-related complications occur if the treatment definitely is surgery,"he said.
Each surgery as well as middle ear surgery, the risks and complications pointed out that Op. Dr.. agile, said:
"This surgery is used frequently for anesthesia risk for general anesthesia are available. Of the tympanic membrane to be drawn out of it, although not usually cause problems sometimes may damage the inner ear. Tube insertion may create some problems. When installing the tube may be more damage to the eardrum or middle ear tubes can escape. After intubation, the permanent hole in the membrane, arthritis, infection and discharge may occur. Surgery for chronic otitis media are more major surgery and they also have some complications. Full of causing damage to the inner ear hearing loss, facial paralysis, blood vessels and nerves surrounding the injury is of major complications. Tube inserted into the ear of patients should pay attention to the most important issue is to prevent water entering the ear. Other than that, usually once a month is sufficient control. Chronic otitis media is the most important issue in the dressing to the doctor's observance as it sees fit and appropriate use of drugs is given. Patients who underwent surgery for otitis media should be careful about the food and drink is not important issues. Chronic otitis media due to the bone around the ear had to be carved more patients, often in the opening of earwax can accumulate. They should be cleaned periodically. Before surgery for otitis media in no time claim is made that there would be absolutely no problem not. After exiting the tube intubation in patients with fluid in the middle ear pressure problems and may be repeated. Tube insertion, although sometimes several times the patient has problems continued. As a result of chronic otitis media surgery repellent membrane that is installed, the dislocation of prostheses, such as the continuing problem of inflammation may occur."

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