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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 13:47

Op. Dr.. Baykal Information About Nose Problems

Op. Dr.. Baykal Information About Nose Problems
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Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op.

İzmir news: Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op. Dr.. Bahadir Baykal, nasal congestion, nasal bone curvature and gave information about the surgery.
nasal congestion due to various reasons that might occur indicating Baykal,"Sometimes a simple bone curvature and sometimes the nose gum swelling this situation may cause. nose must not be in mass formations frequently we encounter. course, allergies and air pollution should not forget,"he said. Barnes, nasal bone curvature with respect to the said :"B ur bone curvature, Congenital facial bones, different development depends on the withdrawal occurs. Sometimes during birth or in early childhood affecting the nose trauma may result from."
bone curvature when it comes to do surgeries also provide information about Barnes, said continued :"E g curvature headache, so feeling the pressure, recurrent epistaxis, sinusitis and otitis media can lead to If doing surgical correction is useful. 17 years have passed anyone for this surgery is appropriate. upper age limit do not. Snoring and sleep apnea included in this category did not because the snoring and sleep apnea enough to cause a severe curvature of the already stuffy nose also makes."

"in the operation BUMPER NOT USED"
Nose surgery no longer unbuffered can be fought indicating Baykal,"Simple interventions nose, nothing may not be placed.complex surgery In silicon, which is called corrugated apparatus few days the nose to keep in We can stay. Silicones buffer based on quite comfortable and not annoy, but also breathe able to provide materials. healing process is very fast. most severe surgery, even in the late seventh day social life can return. Pain relievers and relieved pain are available,"he said.

Nose surgery is the most important point of the physician preference stated that the Barnes,"In experienced hands, nasal bone curvature after the correction surgery is rarely needed. Sometimes the patient's own cartilage, bone or tissue structure caused by the reasons revision surgery may be required. you 15-20 minutes through small interventions will proceed problem is that a fair assessment, but most of the time the ear region or rib additional cartilage to take the necessary correction surgeries are faced with in this case for the patient rather troublesome situation. I think the first preoperative diagnosis is very important. Often times the middle roof, nose tip and nose fins problems, skipping the patient's deviation got better, even these issues are settled for not can not breathe. sure the inner curvature surgery admitted for surgery, although not improved for many patients, functional rhinoplasty surgery done at first, though probably will not need corrective surgery,"he said.

Op. Dr.. Baykal Information About Nose Problems" comments for.


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