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  • 25 Ağustos 2014, Pazartesi 12:53

Op Yilmaz:\"Do not Leave Your Ears Wet \"

Op Yilmaz:\
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Inflammation of the external ear canal with the summer months, the incidence is increasing significantly .

Antalya news: Inflammation of the external ear canal with the summer months, the incidence is increasing significantly .
Memorial Antalya Hospital officials in the Department of Otolaryngology Op.Dr. Hasan Yılmaz , the cause of this increase often take a shower , get into frequent sea and the pool , he said.
of the external ear canal to narrow construction of the grounded comfortable when wet , indicating that leads to a full Open kuruyamayıp remain moist . Dr. Hasan Yılmaz , \"If people constantly exposed to moisture remains, easily infection can be captured. Especially swimmers and congenital external auditory canal is narrow in this situation is more common . Ear canal due to remaining water bacteria in the channel quickly starts to breed and cause infection ,\"he said .
Early symptoms are mild pruritus in the ear , but within hours the outer ear swelling, discharge , obstruction, severe pain , and stressed that the reduction in hearing Dr. Yilmaz, said:
\"Sometimes patients these symptoms and pain exacerbated due to jaw movements and chewing difficulty can . Elderly , diabetics and low resistance to infection in patients progressively malignant otitis externa called and bone inflammation associated with more severe a table may cause . these symptoms if deemed immediately an ear, nose and throat specialist should be sought. \"
to be taken a few simple measures of protection against infection is possible, explaining that Dr. Yilmaz , said continued:
\"pool or sea after the ear , a clean napkin or tissue founded and definitely humid be released . These during the cleaning process of the ear is very mixed , external ear canal to prevent damage is important. Cleaning to make sure the pool or sea should be preferred. pool water chlorine in the amount developing the disease in is an important factor . pool water chlorine present external ear canal of the acid/base balance , disrupting easier to infection causes . Chlorination in daylight , using the number , temperature of water according to chemical structure dosing should . the constant care and control of the pool so it is important . \"
Dr. Yilmaz, frequent examination for the treatment of disease ; aspirator cleanliness, proper medical treatment , provision of acid-base balance in the outer ear , pain control, control of factors such as diabetes , it is important to eliminate contact with water , he said.

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