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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:56

Open Bears Index Remaining Quarter

Open Bears Index Remaining Quarter
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Kastamonu bears remaining open because they can not find food in the woods , up and down the street dogs attacked the city .

Kastamonu news: Photo Kastamonu bears in TAŞIKO up on the Kuzeykent neighborhood, tore intercepts attacked the dog. Until the close of the month in the home could be missed by firing into the air armed home residents . Family , that goes down to the city of months remaining open , said the lack of safety. Indicating that heard the barking of
the morning, dog rose Yamaga ( 52 ) , dogs , he said he saw attacking the dog a month when you look to go out with you but flashlights think that fight with each other. Thereupon Yamaga explained that out take home the ax , \"did not I try to bear chase . Then we had strict gun at home. I fired into the air to take my hands on him . Gunshots when they heard Istanbul fled toward the road. Was strangled looked dog , ripped a part . I stopped eating dog . I wish while alive I could obstacle would be better , \"he said .
bears explaining that down to the close of this year continuous home rose Yamaga , \"we have no life safety. Mr. I call on the governor to our and our mayor.come one day they look here , we place a they should visit , \"he said . Photo Month neighborhoods to up and down the street animals attack that tells Rose Yamaga , he continued as follows:\"I saw with my own eyes . these animals come from Daday . they can not find there food because they cut Daday's forests. Therefore, in the month , goes to these places to feed an empty stomach. surprised anymore animals their way. I love the bears , but not in this way. we expect help from our state . \"Photo Candaroğulları neighborhood for 16 years, sitting Rose Yamaga , said:\"My grandchildren , here playing . Can we do not have security. Bears , take my grandchildren one day come I'm so afraid unaware . Bears traveling to constantly come here , I'm constantly watching out for . \"

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