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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:09

Open Course was the Kula Community Education Centre for slaughter

Open Course was the Kula Community Education Centre for slaughter
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Kula by the Center for Public Education due to the approach of Eid butchery training course was opened.

Manisa news:
religious slaughter , the environment and public health, animal health and cutting techniques described in terms of a total of 32 people have registered for the course . Mufti Kula District Kula District Directorate of Agriculture, Community Health Centres courses taught by instructors total of 40 hours. Environmental and public health related education to public health technician Ahmet Cetinkaya on the issue , said:\"In the country throughout the year cut the total number of animals at 5 1 i the animal , the Feast of Sacrifice in the breaking up. That's why cutting business novice butcher our previous experience in non is attempting . Random the cut made serious cuts, limbs breaking into or around the disease to spread environment that enables image formation causes. example slaughtered animals eating places other animals reach the burial should be . garbage cans , sewers expenses never animal waste should not be thrown . cutting places to do was clean. Draft that people thick plastic gloves and hands , body infectious disease never to cut up . hands and limbs cut from discontinued immediately place a clean cloth pad making the nearest health institution should be consulted . wound on the tobacco , ash, leather, like salt things never should not be stepped . these bleeding as the infection can also lead to stop . \"Trainees
more citizens to participate in these trainings with the butcher accidents there would be a threat to health and the environment will be made of the cutting process , he said.

Open Course was the Kula Community Education Centre for slaughter" comments for.


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