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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 20:36

Open in Kastamonu remaining bears , tore down the Beehive

Open in Kastamonu remaining bears , tore down the Beehive
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Months remaining open in Kastamonu , 17 beehives were hurt .

Kastamonu news: Photo Booth township new neighborhood Muzaffer Demir and Ahmet Karademir of where the beehive Bears opened into the garden , tore the 17 beehives . , indicating that damage to the hive in the region constantly bear the remaining Open Photo Muzaffer Demir, it Despite various measures taken did not work for months , he noted . That the bears can not find food in the forest so starved and attention attacked the beehives descend until the settlement Iron, \"to go dry in the air and forest cutting for reasons such as this year wooded area in the fruit were not enough . Those are the citizens, gathered by going to the wooded area. This is why wild animals were starved. on the remaining months in started coming up of residential areas to find food . therefore disintegrated about 30 bee fired from my 14 in the garden of our house , \"he said .
that bears give permanent damage to beehives and therefore explaining the grievances they live Ahmet karademir If , belong to the month remaining open 3 stating that damage the beehive , \"we are tired , we also from bears . Our continuous hive being destroyed . we want the release of food into the woods. Otherwise we are concerned about the attack , even people of months remaining open ,\"he said .

Open in Kastamonu remaining bears , tore down the Beehive" comments for.


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