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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:37

Opened in Hakkari stand for Victims Donation

Opened in Hakkari stand for Victims Donation
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Hakkari \"Victims are Donates to Kopana \"campaign was launched under the name of Hakkari fundraising stand in front of the Municipal Services Building was opened.

Hakkari news:
Today, a press release issued by the DBP and HDPE provincial organization in Hakkari'Black Day'to declare the city with the holiday's celebration will not Informing , Isidor gangs Kobani'nin attacks as a result of migration forced to Kopana people support and solidarity in Hakkari \"we Kopana Donates to victims \"campaign was launched under the name . The campaign started with the city's four point difference ; Peace Street Teachers'House in front , Boulevard Street Kaya Plaza in front , GOPs Animal Market and Hakkari municipal service building in front of the fundraising booth venturing Informing the first stand councilors and party workers watch and Hakkari municipal service building in front was opened.
14 days Sanliurfa Suruç in the district Kopana borders launched in actions with the people who support and on the frontline happened to follow up , monitoring seizures involving Hakkari Council Co-Chairs Wishes Hall and Nurullah farmers on the subject of their joint statement, \"90 days more than a Kopana Isidor terrorism is resisting . There oppressed brothers , our people slaughtered Kobani'nin reduction is desired and our people on a dirty game is being played . Any massacres against Kobani'nin border last hundred thousand sister of our people there . We, our party leadership launched in Kopana people to support , Isidor terror to protest and borderline Isidor gangs started in order to prevent the logistics demonstrations, including a number of observations on the border , we have witnessed what happened there . Limit the public were together , artillery and rifles with the sounds until the morning hours at the border seizures kept constantly on the frontline with our people alternating observations have \"words to express, Kopana on the border of a true crime against humanity committed by that , the oppressed Kurdish people murdered are asked to say . Statement, initiated this campaign highlighting the urgency and importance of all patriotic people of Hakkari victims were asked to donate .

Opened in Hakkari stand for Victims Donation" comments for.


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