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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 15:03

Opened to students in Bozyazı Summer Course

Opened to students in Bozyazı Summer Course
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In the course of the students in the district of Mersin Bozyazı and to increase their success in the YGS exam courses were opened .

Mersin news: In the course of the students in the district of Mersin Bozyazı and to increase their success in the YGS exam courses were opened .
Bozyazı Multi-Program Anatolian High School Grade 11 students passing the 12th grade YGS'ye for success in school and began the course in 6 different branches . In the courses students in this course to increase the success also YGS exam to be more successful with the aim History, Mathematics , Turkish Language and Literature , Philosophy, Revolution History and Geography of the branches in which the course is given said school director winner Lake , \"In our school, we opened the course not only their students not intended . Course our Anamur included in our district other high schools in the 12th grade students passing is involved , \"he said .
Offered courses surrounding counties , other high schools and their students along with 70 students participated stated that the Lake ,\"12th grade students passing for Friday except day 4 hours of training are provided. students are very diligent I see . Ramadan after the students further motivate themselves bonds of friendship strengthen and in social life take place to ensure that one day a week course with their teachers for our students , our district and neighboring districts, historical sites , natural beauty by moving both environment recognition will let you and , most importantly, the course stresses away from the teachers and social relations will improve , \"he said .
students for the success of the teachers'own families reserve their times, by waiving give courses emphasizing the Lake ,\"''our teachers this behavior is really praiseworthy . Ramadan , a hot summer day when you need to allocate to their families and children for success for the students to use . Attending courses to teachers and school janitor to this sacrifice because of separately , thank you , \"he said .
Lake , students in courses eager to have seen the students'willingness is important that schools and teachers with the support of the successful outcome of the results to be obtained , the student's course and YGS in the success of pride for teachers would be the 12th grade for the 2014-2015 academic year will make continuous test solution , he added.

Opened to students in Bozyazı Summer Course" comments for.


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