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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 16 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 22:18

Opened TRNC Representative Office in Hungary

Opened TRNC Representative Office in Hungary
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European Union countries, Hungary , the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Representative Office in Budapest was opened.

Budapeşte news:
and embassies in Budapest's most famous street, Andrassy Avenue , also called street at number 118 with an opening ceremony held today officially entered service TRNC Representative of Hungary has shown great interest in the opening . TRNC Representative of the opening ceremony ribbon TRNC Foreign Minister Özdil Nami , Turkey's Ambassador of Hungary Shakir Fakili and Azerbaijan Ambassador of Hungary Vilayat Guliyev was cut together .
TRNC Representative Office opening ceremony of Hungarian scientists, Turcologists in Turkey who served Hungarian Ambassadors , Foreign relatives Community Hungary Chairman Suat Blackbirds , Hungary Turkish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce Vice Naci Ceylan, Bulent Mete , MÜSIAD Hungary Representative Fadil awesome, TICA Hungary Representative Pinar Ozcan, Hungary Turan Congress President Andras Biro, Turkish Embassy officials, Hungary living in about 150 guests attended , including Turkish nationals . After the ribbon-cutting TRNC flag cake was cut and served to the guests . Guests deal with single TRNC Foreign Minister Özdil Nami , Hungary TRNC interest shown themselves to be happy message to the guests personally felt .
Before Turkey's Cyprus Ambassador , who served as 2014, since Turkey's Hungary Ambassador of the UAV Fakili Shakir said in a statement to reporters , the opening of Representation in Hungary, Cyprus is a very nice development , stated that the Hungarian government to thank . Ambassador Fakılı ,''This , in fact, the Hungarian government is a contribution of the Cyprus problem at the same time . Therefore, we also express our gratitude to them . Representatives of the opening is a step towards the solution of the Cyprus problem . Indeed, the Turkish side sincerely wants to solve the problem . The same good intentions from the other side also to come will desire , \"he said .
Cyprus Hungary Representative Arif Altay this approach and give the opportunity for their first Hungarian government officials to thank for that you need a very short period of corporate identity by creating a representation were opened in the near future in Hungary between the TRNC and economic, educational, cultural fields, in close cooperation bulunacaklarını said. Altai, TRNC Hungarians introducing Hungarian tourists TRNC go to work to ensure they noted. Altai, \"Greece's EU countries due to the TRNC flag out of the building yet we have not . We are closely watching every move . Every moment we are protesting . We do not want to inconvenience the Hungarian authorities have suspended the flag out for . But in the future I hope it will be the'he added.
Foreign Citizens and Relative Communities Agency Hungary Chairman Suat Blackbirds , \"Today is a happy day . TRNC representation was opened. Mr. WSC Foreign Minister today a very positive visit found. Hopefully good and lucky will . Hungary already Turkey and the Turkish nation to a friendly country . If something before starting a start here is very accurate because the Hungarian Turkish and Turkic nations is very important aid in a country'testimony found .
TRNC Foreign Minister Özdil the in Hungary Cyprus Representation in particular the economic and cultural activities to higher levels try to move that , Hungary and Cyprus between the minimum level of trade volume could be increased what they think , both exports and imports in terms of Hungary saw potential , he said. Özdil'from a cultural perspective Hungary in a country close to us . opening of this office in this respect will provide an interaction , on the other hand, Hungary EU countries , the EU has given to the TRNC and have yet to fulfill its commitments . With the opening of this office to speak here of the commitments and to better understand the future of Hungary on these issues will be instrumental in providing support to the TRNC'saying'he concluded .

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