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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 09:15

Opening in Paris at Müsiad Important Reviews

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Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) were inaugurated in Paris .

İstanbul news: Opening the Minister of Foreign Affairs and MUSIAD President Mevlut Cavusoglu was important explanations Nail Olpak .
Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) Opening of Paris , Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Professor Dr. Nükhet hot , the AK Party Pain deputy Fatma Salman, Ambassador to Paris, Right Mind , MUSIAD President Nail Olpak , MÜSIAD Deputy Chairman Kemal Yamankaradeniz , MUSIAD International Organization Commission President Alper Esen, MÜSIAD Paris President Hakan Kalaycı , MÜSIAD Member Businessmen and citizens'participation have been realized.
MÜSIAD Paris in the opening so the participants who offered her thanks MÜSIAD Paris President Hakan Kalaycı \"Hopefully MÜSIAD Paris, MÜSIAD family's new branch will be .'s what we together very auspicious will work . this will be striving for ,\"he said .
Olpak:\" unfinished sONG iS COMPLETED \"
MUSIAD President Nail Olpak opening so in his speech an unfinished song finished , said:said:\"We always açılışımızı a feast evaluation are trying to . Considering this point, we do not mean the common feast began . almost once or twice a month to realize that opening your support with pride and dignity we live. Our on Paris , we had a song about France MÜSIAD the remaining half . We have already started our study organizational representative branching point , but we continue our activities we could not come to the stage . Domestically we came down to the last branching point we can say that a step further outside our activities yoğunlaştıral suppose he thought I had . Today, as a result of his Paris for the opening of our müsiad'ı are together . I want to say there is a point here . We just opened our APPRECIATED our friends who live here , of course , our association and our compatriots in the form of a link to their homeland do not want to see . Here drop MÜSIAD , operating in France , a French Association and MUSIAD around the world in 60 countries and a network that connects it outside of this network other businessmen institutions with a connecting structure is within the time real success and our goal deserved to be , I say.
HOT is: THANK YOU to those who contributed
AK Party Deputy Chairman Professor Nükhet Hotaru at the ceremony in his speech , \"Today we live in Turkey as one in a sense, in foreign lands , valued our citizens such a beautiful event, with the pride of being I am . Us this pride was valuable MÜSIAD Leaders , members , everyone who contributed to thank you very much . us as a Turk everywhere we go respected as an individual , respect, vision , met the the honor of giving can . therefore in this sense is also very happy and proud , \"he said .
Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) Paris office during the opening ceremony in his speech on the agenda warm referring to developments said:\"Just bilateral issues , but regional issues in the evaluation we had the opportunity . especially in Iraq Isidor threat to Syria's security and stability in the region, especially with elements evaluated were threatening . I would like to say the following to the memnuiyetl , France and France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius'l about issues in the region , we think that is the same as Turkey and France . Questions need to determine in a realistic way , this is what the real cause of the problems I mean about the Asad regime and earlier , especially Maliki regime in Iraq . And the problem can be solved , in order to get rid of this threat , stability on a comprehensive strategy for coming to see that the same thought I heard a great pleasure to welcome . Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Abdullah Gül on the phone two days ago, met with French President Hollande . In particular, the on-fly zone and safe zones are pleased to see the support of France .
Kobani'de events today actually for many years all over Syria is one of the events . We Kobani'nin people coming to our country than ever in our country without discrimination , keeping our doors open and we welcome as guests have received . Only the last 3 weeks of our brothers from Syria , but the Syrians Armenians from Syria , the Sunni , Shia , Christian, Muslim , Arab , Turkmen indiscriminately got all this open-door policy . And currently over 1 million 600 thousand and 40 thousand more than the Syrian Yezidi from Iraq in Turkey, we welcome our guests . Of course this is an important load of around $ 4.3 billion we're spending money . Yesterday evening my friend wanted the last digit . We're talking about 4 billion 300-odd million dollars . Of course, Turkey's lifetime , such as the United Nations can not act , that burden would say that everyone should share . One of the reasons we already want is a safe zone .
The case persists even twice as much again to our people in Syria , there is to be based . Because all terrorist organizations on the one hand the regime is hurting more than most civilians . Think of a regime that killed more than 200 people have their own . And it is about 20 thousand children , 20 thousand women. With chemical weapons , bombs and aerial attacks barrels with chlorine gas . So do not hesitate to use every method to kill people regime. And on the other hand brutally murder people Isidor and terrorist organizations . Now which of them will prefer . Which when you destroy another take his place . Does no less dangerous than the other . Unfortunately, the innocent civilian people , women and children going on .
For the solution of this problem we first identify the problem and eliminate it we are emphasizing . And the Assad regime on the go , we agree with the France also have seen it . As soon among allies hope common sense will emerge . A comprehensive strategy for the region , peace and stability will bring . Regional threats directly diverted to Turkey , to provide security for all kinds of measures to take as Turkey we are ready .
His speech MÜSİAD'dan importance for Turkey , emphasizing the ongoing Cavusoglu \"MÜSİAD'dan Turkey's economy how to contribute know . Turkey's economy , the contribution by the together on social issues , cultural issues of how to be active ; political issues work politicizing without Turkey's most important in matters of opinion clear and clearly a principled way revealing MUSIAD development of Turkey a very important role to play here, to say I must . today in Turkey versus unfortunately a perception operations there . and I seriously can see . media starting sometimes in the UK in France in Germany, a perception operations are seeing . Each topic completely opposite opinion stating media outlets Turkey is concerned that the same title but with words cuffs do not throw or manipulation is not a coincidence . too clearly that we say to our friends . Here there is a perception operation . Against our government and Turkey against the need . Information from Turkey also needs to be properly transferred to this country . Foreign Minister Cavusoglu , as well as Turkey in world public opinion perception directed toward stressing the need to \"Turkey of information from other countries correctly should be transferred . We politicians do, it is our duty . We do the official opinion reflects the counterparty based . One reason of Business and non-governmental organizations , associations too have an important role and MÜSIAD in this sense, objective information very well conveys , \"he said .
Olpak: TERROR tHE MEANING oF PEACE a religion with the name can not be regarded
following the opening speaking at the Paris premiere programs MÜSIAD Nail Olpak MUSIAD President , the economic problems in the Euro Zone and commercial relations between Turkey and France were also mentioned . MUSIAD President Olpak also found in the instructions on the country's agenda . Olpak said:\"The Eurozone's recent economic Looking at the past in the period of recovery slowed see that . District to the latest developments show; 12-month low growth figures , then , in the 2nd Quarter of economic growth could not be maintained that , in August 2014 according to the data of unemployment 11.5% level that we see . Moreover, the European Central Bank deflation for the measures taken , despite consumer price increases decrease in the realization ( inflation in August, in the month of 0.4% in September whilst 0.3%) and of the euro against the dollar value of the last two years , the lowest level to reach , reflecting the state of the Eurozone emerges as a significant problem .
in Germany has the strongest economy of the region's GDP decreased by 0.2 % compared to Q1 , which has the second largest economy in France and 1 . quarter as in the 2nd Quarter also not grow in the region of economic stagnation obvious conclusion one .'
Olpak ,'Turkey , France trade relations between the recent course Looking at the positive progress that we see . Turkey's exports to France in 2001 , compared with $ 1.9 billion in 2013, an increase of 3.4 times this figure has risen to $ 6.4 billion . In a similar manner , but with an improvement against him in 2001 , compared with $ 2.3 billion in Turkey's imports from France in 2013, a 3.5-fold increase of this figure , we see that 8.1 billion dollars .
Direct investment between the two countries last Considered in 10 years , we are faced with a similar positive statements . Direct investment from France to Turkey ; While in 2002 only 22 million dollars in 2013, increased to $ 222 million . While direct investment from Turkey to France ; In 2002, only 1 million dollars in 2013, $ 15 million has increased .
Turkey's economy to the state of Looking at the 19 quarters since (in 2009's 4th quarter ) continued to grow we have seen. Turkey, in 2014 this trend continues . In the first 6 months of growth at 3.3% that would like to remind .
Outside our request , last year's first semester 0.3% declined absolutely , the 2014 first 6 months 8.1% increase and positively to growth have contributed . In contrast, imports increased by 9 % in the first half of last year, which showed ; decreased by 2.1 % this year . This changes the current account deficit from positive , but our exports and our growth as a source of imports of intermediate goods to be falling in this sense, affect growth negatively to the point signals serve .
Turkey's economy is the biggest problem which is shown as the current account deficit in 2014, the downward trend that we see . In January-July 2014 the current account deficit fell to about $ 14 billion , 48.4 billion dollars. 2014 January-July exports of the previous year compared to same period 6.1% increase to 93.5 billion dollars emergence and whereas imports by 6.2% , down 139.6 billion decline in the current account deficit to fall to about 14.5 billion dollars contributed .
in Syria and Iraq never use a name that does not deserve Isidor and similar organizations, unfortunately, a very serious problem for our region is growing . Terror, meaning referred to by the name of a religion of peace that is impossible to accept . Terrorism, what religion , ideology and philosophy , organization, or may come from the state , is incorrect , should be destroyed . Our country , unfortunately, have seen big losses from terrorism have paid a heavy price , even though in recent days, Turkey's effort to be side by side with terrorist elements , it is a great wrong , unacceptable. It is true that the decision to remove the motion of the assembly to be made , we support operations . However, be very careful that you need and a single Mehmetçiğimiz our hair without loss of time to walk properly , in spite of everything diplomacy possibilities of using gold once again I draw .
This week Kobani'nin the invasion as an excuse , especially the eastern and southeastern provinces in some of our and our country's different provinces and clashed with security forces in the district causing the loss of life and property of the actors in the conflict are in a big mistake . They should know first and foremost for their own future , including the future of all countries are playing . Years of violence and terror to every citizen of our country as large as the direct and indirect costs have been paid . The settlement process takes place on the eve of great peace project not pass these provocations , to date it is the responsibility of all of us to call for common sense . Completion of the settlement process , which is determined at the point of common sense and good intentions of our government who support the public should not lose any time . \"

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