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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Temmuz 2013, Cuma 16:46

Operating in the mosque at the University of the Mediterranean

Operating in the mosque at the University of the Mediterranean
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Antalya Akdeniz University (AU) Hospital with its new mosque has been made on the first Friday prayers at a crowded community. Citizens are welcomed to give such a service in the hospital.

who challenges a small mosque prayers before AÜ'de

citizens, patients could not go because the Friday prayers. Block A, located at the hospital mosque, about 300 people, ablutions, also has separate sections for men and women. The hospital staff, patients' relatives and the first face transplant in Turkey Ugur Acar, the first Friday in the mosque to pray AU Hospital.

Citizens are satisfied with the provision of this facility, the hospital said. Kemal Butler's citizens, 'You always were running across the road, going to and fro, we could not keep. It was very good."He said. Ali Özkan is another citizen for the first time in four months in the hospital Friday prayers, Friday prayers could make it a possibility that could not go to the intensive care unit ederek'Hastam expressed that the patient ayrılamıyordum beginning. This mosque less than those who do not thank you enough. A branch of the Kaaba-i Muazzama'nın Mosques, who made God bless."He said. Sukru refakatçiliğini a patient teacher, and I was very happy Açıkgöz saw this mosque, the old mosque of this place can not be compared with the difference in degree, he said. Canny, 'Tarawih prayers accompanied by a teacher or kılabiliyoruz here. Even the morning prayer in congregation kılabiliyoruz. So it does not describe the beauty of a hospital. Provide convenience for the transfer of the mosque or the hospital staff themselves, Hüseyin Gül, pre-order to make Friday prayer went away and I was very happy to be rid of this situation, he said.

prayer before the opening of the building on the morphology of the action by some faculty members and students reacted.

Operating in the mosque at the University of the Mediterranean" comments for.


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