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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:18

Operation Dawn of the Public Security Directorate bilecik

Operation Dawn of the Public Security Directorate bilecik
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Depending on the Public Security Directorate teams depending on bilecik City Police Department , organized by \"Operation Dawn \"and grabbed one of the perpetrators involved in 11 separate incidents of theft .

Bilecik news: Photo by information obtained, Public Security Branch teams on the realization of a large number of burglaries within 2 months Bilecik centers began feverish work . Located in the same area of the residence where the burglary occurred , detached and gave rise to the idea that high-income citizens may be living in regions previously made exploratory study . In addition, some residence to the chained form in the same day, in the evening is introduced between 19:00 to 11:00 p.m. times, overall the villa style, the first and second floors of the balcony or the lower floors located Entering includes enforcing the PVC door , the house of the landlord by the rear latch of the gate to prevent infiltrating , especially theft of valuable jewelery and cash, can not be found valuables easy to carry hour , tablets and was found to be the same as the laptop stakes theft method is theft of goods as . Photo suspects hUNDREDS OF CRIMINAL YES Photo this standing on the findings of Public Security Branch teams, made ​​the residence of theft examined the images in the camera can see , albeit remotely . In the interrogation and investigation determined a vehicle specified in the examination, to belong to the car rental company with real plates and 34 plates vehicle theft may be considered suspicious of MD (31 ) proved to be leased to the person named . Party , by inserting fake Eskisehir also involving the theft auto plate , tool in studies , FDA suspects ( 29 ) is used , along with other suspects YK ( 37 ) which was found to be found. Bilecik residing in Yenipazar Y. K. (37 ) is a close relative of the fu Ertuğrulgazi neighborhood, was understood to have lived in the area where the theft occurred . Therefore suspicious Y. K. (37 )'s residence from the theft of the FDA made ​​the discovery after the other accomplices in this region (29) , MD (31) and E. S. (27) proved to be realized with . The suspects , 180 criminal files and 14 separate criminal record search found the FDA (29) and MD (31 ) found a criminal record with 3 E. S. (27) , 25 contained a criminal record Y. K. ( 37 ) was determined to be named persons . Y. K. suspicious of burglary (37) carried out against today morning \"Dawn \"operation covered arrested were referred to judicial authorities. In a statement from the Photo City Police Department , illuminated about suspected of other burglaries , domestic potential in the provinces are not included in the overall capture activities that are being carried out in a continuous manner specified.


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