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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:07

Operation Illegal Cigarettes in Hatay

Operation Illegal Cigarettes in Hatay
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Hatay Dortyol district gendarmerie in the \"stop\"the driver of the truck escaped was captured wounded warnings were ignored .

Hatay news: Operations in 46 thousand 195 packets customs contraband cigarettes were seized 3 automatic rifle. According to
information obtained, the island using Hatay from the mountain road and the other provinces to leak reaching knowledge will be shipped non Alexander's Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Dortyol Prevention Group Chief district Gendarmerie Command teams started work . Photo Hasse smugglers who want to leak overlying the truck chassis cigarette loaded with citrus crates and checkpoints apply two different tool using security units delaying tactics to avoid detection by using the mountain road from the town, Amanoslar mountain Kuzuculu Quarter rural sealed plateau towards the gendarmes were attached to the checkpoint in . he opened up warning shots before upon the cessation of Photo Tools , and then was fired at the tires of the fleeing vehicle , but one of the lead at this time bouncing driver za (28) was hit . Things that caught then land together with other fleeing vehicles drive on the follow-up. Photo 01 LG 637 plate van in which determined that the customs leakage 46 thousand 195 packages were seized 3 automatic rifle in the search conducted on vehicles determined to be counterfeit plates with smoking. Photo beginning of the injured driver ZA, Dortyol State Hospital that was sent to Adana after the first intervention .

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