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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:40

Operations Agility was shot in Bulgaria

Operations Agility was shot in Bulgaria
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Lesov the government of Bulgaria after the Border Gate weekend Hamzabeyli perform operations that occur in the bribery Border Gate TR tail , spread to Agility .

Edirne news: The TIR want to do overseas output from Hamzabeyli from left Kapıkule Border Gate was formed long queues . Photo Bulgarian government by last Sunday Lesov Border Gate in the Hamzabeyli after the customs staff made ​​the bribery operation occurred in border gate density Agility jumped in at this time . After the operation intensity bribe news companies tools Agility TR-directed , the border crossing long queues began to form . In Thrace Customs and Trade Regional Directorate dependent Kapıkule border crossing , 12 kilometers TR tail has occurred.
Early in the morning that hours Kapıkule Border Gate in the direction to come and said he expected about 10 hours in the queue lorry driver Mustafa Sahin, \"I think the Bulgarian party there is corruption , I suppose we are also so they are holding , \"he said .
\" GOD dull our're HAYRET \"Photo two years TR driving is doing and start that in Melih voicing regret Gülenel , \"Morning time we went to the 0600 water Hamzabeyli Border Gate. But I was there back to me Kapıkule side because it is very well . distance I have since I arrived here the floor is only 500 meters . can not be returned as my friends are waiting in Hamzabeyli . our vehicle leaving Tuesday morning still more Hamzabeyli'also waiting in line . God so you marvel at our end. but what are we water bread we have nothing . nobody's concern with us . you wait for the driver , another nothing viz. the end of the line about 6 miles , but we pass few days, God knows , \"he said .


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