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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:57

Oral:\"Aton , is assuming responsibility Contribution Putting Adana \"

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Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral , Adana Chamber of Commerce ( ATO) 120 organizations organized within the scope of the anniversary events \"Adana Brand Stories\"at the awards ceremony of the story competition titled signatories to take timely and effective action Adana Chamber of Commerce congratulated President and managers.

Adana news: Photo Adana Chamber of Commerce in a ceremony at the mention of President Hussein Oral , \"Adanamız which is one of the oldest institutions of Adana Chamber of Commerce celebrates this year 120 years. 120 years, a story contest is organized for tourism in honor of Adana , Adana Trade Chamber is a sign that felt their shoulders the responsibility of the city every moment at every level. the Adana Chamber of Commerce , Adana tourism , trade , sincere concern and efforts to the economy is admirable . Mr. President , the Assembly President and board members , everyone who contributed to heart and soul I congratulate you . also Turkish letter and to pour with Adana thoughts about the literary text , a good idea in the point to follow the trail of famous writers have grown from the fertile island soil as crucial to the stories pen to stimulate tourism in Adana , yeast our terms show the things that had elegant and very appropriate choice , \"he said .
participants of the entire prize awarded stated that President Hussein Oral , \"our young people who participated in the pack up competitions courage in writing of course congratulations , appreciation it deserves . Rating criteria , but there are certainly not enough . Have not participated in this competition is an important indicator of the courage and talent of our young even . Each one deserves a separate award . I congratulate our dear brothers in the sense of participation in the contest . After listening to the first with the story of our brother Jonathan Efe Uzunağaç I began to wonder about other stories. I hope this competition encourages our young people and their commitment to writing causes the emergence of new writers from Adana fertile soil , \"he said .

Oral:\"Aton , is assuming responsibility Contribution Putting Adana \"" comments for.


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