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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:30

Oral:\"Democracy and Culture Collective will Arrival, Turkey and Adana will Enrichment \"

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Adana Metropolitan City Council General Assembly to participate in Adana Mayor Huseyin Oral , City Councils , established that belirtti.sözl order to establish a dialogue with civil platform of managers selected by culture democratic public , \"City Council who want to strengthen the floor and really creating a participatory democracy formation are for , \"he said .

Adana news: towards the rooting of democracy Photo Turkey for years that fought and Republican era President reminded that a lot of innovation to the signature verbal, \"City Council also recently entered this sense, our lives and by society of civil structures , a bridge between the public authorities, to create solid ground and community structures that operate in order to be contributing to the management of all social layers. this contribution , urbanism is the city is in question, education is education if interrupted . drawn attention , at least , awareness is created. We as representatives of the community , on behalf of institutions we represent we hope such an awareness. city ​​Council on such a mission , \"he said .
\" OIL , NOT DEMOCRACY wITH RICH while aspire to
task selection occurs frequently in participants Oral and transparent municipal president who explained that they use the phrase , he continued:\"our republic , our democracy take root and in this way to be the leading city of Adana will be our only goal. It's no one should doubt . The plants rooted democracy in the country is richer, coal, oil , gas, has been richer ? With this as the geography of our own, rooted democracy builders , oil , gas , no coal , but respect towards each other , with love, that promotes the right of each other , not taken blockade of others, others are not crushed, we can see by comparing the welfare state is not shifted. Middle imposing geography , there are flashy leaders in oil and gas in coal also are but law and democracy, there is a social peace because they do not ingrain never failed to be provided , island of prosperity could not be established . \"Photo This ignores the facts noted that it was possible to Head oral , \"we live for him in the city, rooted in a democracy can be an example to Turkey should be a collective life for all of us , which is based not vaçgeçil of law. For Turkey , our city is a road of no return for the island this , \"he said .
CITY PLANNING We appeasement THE PRINCIPLES may come from anywhere in the Photo Turkey, itself , seeking future in Adana for children the President stressed that humans are the crown of the head Oral , he continued:\"We have also our duty ; Adana is a modern, urban planning principles that should apply without compromising their sole collective life. That our city is the crown of our heads . The collective life , the rules of living together is evident . We should obey all the rules of living together. Our esteemed fellow townsman , in all layers of civil society, with representatives in the City Councils for the purpose , we will comply with the spirit of that understanding , we will create a democratic culture in Adana. Disabled our , so our disadvantaged groups in terms of education , addressed the problems related to the weakness experienced in modern urbanism of Adana will be taking care of everything and will provide hope in Adana social peace . \"Photo \"Adana \" DO NOT WANT NO LONGER FIGHTING CONFLICTS \"after arriving in Adana Chairman Huseyin Photo Task underlining that they spend considerable effort in ensuring the unity verbal, \"representatives of civil society organizations in Adana , they know the organization of the chambers ; Fusion of Adana From March 30 until this time , we are working to ensure integration in the city. Professional associations , associations of our , province of , in Adana, with all of the political party representatives to ensure the coexistence of a major effort to gather in Adana to a common denominator , we're in a great effort and significant steps in Adana truly peaceful climate of peace point was discarded. I hope we will continue this way Adanamız achieved significant success. Adana problems occurred at a time can be counted and a long time to mend a magic wand , but we will not wait so long in our fellowman. I hope the goal of Adana , which is the route , you will see a large city projects soon to realize . Liveable , coveted , preferred , growing, thriving city, with the help of our esteemed fellow townsman , we will be implemented by . Photo Adana no longer fight, we do not desire conflict . In the city, togetherness, we want the establishment of a solidarity culture. We Adana social peace , democratization kökleştirip , valued fellowman service to deliver as promised , without lessening our excitement , we worked hard in order to be worthy of you , \"he said .
President Oral , City Council, the General Assembly wished to be beneficial and families of martyrs of the city Council and will be kept on hand by the municipality created a base , he said no one should have any doubt that .


Oral:\"Democracy and Culture Collective will Arrival, Turkey and Adana will Enrichment \"" comments for.


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