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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 21:17

Orange Festival in Karaburun

Orange Festival in Karaburun
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Held in Karaburun \"Küçükbahçe, Bright, Highlands , Tepeboz , Bozköy and Salman Villages 8. Traditional Mandarin Festival\"what participating in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, said it will launch 10 projects in a short time they set priorities for the development of the peninsula .

İzmir news: Photo Karaburun \"Küçükbahçe, Bright, Highlands , Tepeboz , Bozköy and Salman Villages Traditional Mandarin Festival\"was held by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun participation . Küçükbahçe festival held in the village square Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Cakir, Bornova Mayor Mature Atila, Karaburun Governor Engin Yalcin, manufacturer and joined the people of the village . In his opening speech of the festival Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , using reason and science with participative management approach for 10 years , said they ruled the city with a local in development goals , said they are preparing the strategic plan for the development of the peninsula . Last week the mayor of late , cooperatives and agricultural chambers heads with the participation of the meetings held on 10 projects to choose what they and Kocaoglu President said they started practicing , \"also all the ring as we do District of meetings open , the village headman, will make a presentation with the participation of cooperatives and agricultural chamber president . Where to we will remove the map we are to do . the local plants, local values, needs to be kept alive by local taste. we want to reconstruct the peninsula. Human our willing , be faithful , be steadfast using reason and science to achieve the goal needs to be combative , \"he said . Photo Cooperatives to the importance the only mention of the long-standing and strong cooperative unit needs to be a top Kocaoglu President underlined that needed for the peninsula strategic plan in the context of eco-villages were reported from Bademiyan the project will begin . Almond Cooperative with significant work was carried out and the Mayor Kocaoglu said it would be one of the eco-village project of them , \"5-We start from Bademiyan we have determined as a pilot eco-village project within 6 months. In many villages the Karaburun If we are successful we will make this application. Abroad as well as bringing people making holiday production will enable the participation of the land on which we allow , \"he said . Mayor Kocaoglu said a cold storage to be made in the area mandarin producers by giving a positive response to cold storage demand could appeal to the entire peninsula . Photo Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Cakir festival they take a break for two years in his speech while noting that the happiness of reconstruction, addressed to producers . Lose the value of the product manufacturer for inviting to join forces Cakir, said they would give necessary support to the Metropolitan and district municipalities. Izmir Metropolitan before joining the Council's boundaries even said to give great support to the daffodils by women cooperatives from Mordoğan Cakir, then added to the spell of the Metropolitan's support. Photo Karaburun Governor Engin Yalcin, villages possibility of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities legal personality, whether expressed Find chiefs, said that the problem of the manufacturer's marketing and product evaluation .

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