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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 13:31

Orchid Oil, SIAL'den hand returned to full

Orchid Oil, SIAL'den hand returned to full
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Orchids are one of the leading oil brands in Turkey, the world's largest food fair SIAL 2012 in Paris, attended the meeting.

Turkey's leading oil brands in the orchid, the world's largest food fair SIAL 2012 in Paris, attended the meeting. World food giants meet in the same arena, Orchid Oil, interviews, and links to important work carried out by introducing a wide product portfolio.

Ercan Erol Director of Public Relations, representing the fair Orchid Orchid Oil Export Sales Manager Hamide Tunçsiper, the objectives of the brand to consumers all over the world meet at the Orchid said. Tunçsiper patriot,"we do not see this as fair, fair only in Europe. Comes from participants all over the world. Especially from the Middle East and Africa are meeting here with our suppliers."he said.

total of 900 companies from 100 countries participated in five thousand, 2012 SIAL International Food Fair, Turkey, attendance area, and the fastest growth in the number of exhibitors was in the country. Participating countries in the ranking of the largest companies in Turkey in the third place was great interest in both traditional and interesting products.

SIAL'e participation since 1988 'national contribution' which organizes the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman Murat Yalcintas, only 82.5 square meters of exhibition space in 1988, recalling the capabilities of participation, the process reached summed up:"The number of exhibitors only was 10 at that time. 2010 Save Our 4 thousand 356 square meters, the company participated in the number was 128. 41 companies participated as an independent. This year, Turkey has signed a record literally. Our nine thousand square meters exhibition at the fair, while the number of firms was 208. beside us in different parts of the fair stand independently and hold 48 Turkish companies to the fair participated in the case."

Orchid Oil, SIAL'den hand returned to full" comments for.


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