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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 19:14

Orduspor Seeks Release

Orduspor Seeks Release
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PTT 1 League teams will play in their own area Karsiyaka Orduspor match preparations continued his workout .

Ordu news:
PTT 1 League teams Orduspor, in the 5th week of the league to play in their preparations for the match continues Karsiyaka . Durugöl Governor Kemal Yazicioglu Facility Cuneyt Tiryakiler Orduspor Technical Director and Under-21 goalkeeping coach Mustafa Döngez accompanied with the workout sakatlıklıg Martin Mutumba did not participate. Cuneyt training Smokers'footballers began with a meeting with the short-term . Smooth running separately from the ongoing training team goalkeeper worked. About 1 hour long workout double-goal games came to an end .
Before the study, a statement to reporters found in the U-21 technical responsible Cuneyt Tiryakiler , Orduspor of the community very large , brand community , he said . Problems to overcome , stating that Tiryakiler , \"Orduspor problems to overcome is the future. For this series wins are needed. Fikret Yilmaz, after the departure of team management and administration would like . Two-day period after the team Erkan Sözeri hocamıza will transfer ,\"he said .
Team in the air and injured players Referring to the issue Cuneyt Tiryakiler , \"experienced all the difficulties Karsiyaka match to end in want . football in the air in that direction , only wins they need . teams physically and morally in good condition. Emre's injury lightweight us training attending . only Mutumba's disability continues. Erkan in this context, our teacher a good season even better than last year's season diliyo a season , \"he said.

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