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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:16

Organ and Tissue Donation Week

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Bahattin İlter Sivas Provincial Health Director , said in a statement as Organ and Tissue Donation Week, \"will leave you the most beautiful heritage is alive organ donation you make ,\"he said .

Sivas news:
İlter statement, \"defined Medicine of the 21st century in many diseases of rapid development , new treatments have been developed. Organ transplantation is one of those treatments. Duties will do so patient and even replaced with solid of the body that damage to the body process the transplant is called. advanced heart , in patients with liver and kidney failure is possible with healthy living but organ transplantation. these diseases are located at the beginning of the most important health problem in our country as well as all over the world. \"Photo \"donated organs take patients first blood group and tissue age alignment , height, and weight is determined according to criteria such as medical emergencies . this operation is in progress, gender, race, religion and gender is not done , \"said İlter said ; \"Religious Affairs of the'about organ donation , that there is no disadvantage in terms of Islam , being instrumental in saving lives is very important humanitarian mission'direction issued a fatwa issue has brought a significant opening of the religious aspect . Minister of Religious Affairs Supreme Council , organ donation , defined as the greatest help to make people's human and organ bildirmiştir.dig that it is permissible of transplant is available in similar decisions in well and all the major religions in Islamic countries. in our city, in 2011 395 people , in 2012 390 people , the first 10 months of 2013, 369 people were found in organ donation . as the Directorate of Sivas Provincial Health 3-we organize 9 November organ and Tissue donation various activities during the week and programs. in addition, our province has distributed posters and leaflets relevant to all health care organizations. our goal is to create community awareness about organ donation , to increase the interest in the subject of all relevant sectors . at the moment Turkey across the line between life and death for thousands of patients waiting for organs is trying to cling to life with hope . As a society should be sensitive about organ donation , every moment of diseases requiring transplantation could happen to us, and we must remember loved ones . It is more than a glimmer of hope to the relatives of a patient and organ donation is an unavoidable fact . When you leave the most beautiful heritage is organ donation you make in life. \"

Organ and Tissue Donation Week" comments for.


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