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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:27

Organ Donation Seminar in Kırkağaç

Organ Donation Seminar in Kırkağaç
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In Kırkağaç State Hospital held a seminar on tissue and organ donation.

Manisa news: Photo State Hospital seminar held in the cafeteria , Kırkağaç State Hospital Chief Dr. Ali Münger , Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Mehmet SEMET , Health Care Services Director İlknur Tokgöz , doctors, joined the nurses and medical staff . Photo Nurse Osman in seminars given by retrospective study, we described the importance of tissue and organ donation. Retrospective study, 18 years later, and said that compos mentis can be found in everyone's organ donation , said:\"the application of the Provincial Health Directorate of citizens wishing to organ donation , hospitals, and can the transplant centers that . People who want to make organ donation by reference to specified locations to fill the organ donation form they have the signing organ donation cards . organ of the person who receives the donation card , donation card is required to carry on all the time. in the hospital setting to receive the person's body makes organ donation must have been incurred in medically death. to donate a portion of the organ donation card required organ-related options are available in this section taking any organ other than the marked bodies are not concerned. I could have done Meet organ donation but the home on the road or crash site deaths have occurred can not be bodies. in the hospital setting for organ donation medically death can be the bodies of the realized person . \"in a Photo intensive care unit machines connected to the deceased'brain death was'people telling transported the bodies retrospective study, said:Photo \"people , even if it makes organ donation at home , on the street or organs even though he died in any of the services the hospital can not be . Only intensive care in machine-dependent organ transplants from deceased brain-dead person had taken the bodies transported by specialist physicians. Also received approval from the family in such a situation . \"Stating that we are far behind in organ donation according to
European countries retrospective study, the first line is located 32-33 organ donation rate per million in Spain that 3 million of organ donation rates in Turkey , he said . photo Kırkağaç established the State Hospital were given information about the citizen stands to organ donation , brochures were distributed .

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