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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 15:54

organic Molasses

organic Molasses
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Inner Aegean , which is the fruit of the warehouse district of Kütahya Markets homemade organic molasses are made.

Kütahya news:
of October, with the arrival Markets in the district of vineyards in the activity taking place , the bond is collected from grapes obtained from musts win big in the boiling syrup is made
in the town center living and vineyards, the manufacturer of Ramadan Cantürk , at our own local methods in organic molasses said they did .
planting grape vines grow in fertile soil Cantürk who stated that ,'everyone in this land of vineyards there . We grow grapes all of the molasses are doing, \"he said.
Molasses made ​​quite laborious and difficult task that , for centuries, with the same methods of grape molasses converted explaining Cantürk ,''October, with the arrival of bonds in the grapes thoroughly ripened. Connective our our molasses , which we call water with plenty of grapes are . these grapes from the vineyards we gather . Box to collect the grapes , wash would . molasses land we call white soils , these grapes'Şıralık in a place where we thoroughly we will crush . soil molasses gives color and texture settings. crushing as a result of the grapes juice collect. later this water collapse we leave . collapsed after this water re-taking under the fire burning in boilers boil are . 10-12 hours after boiling syrup becomes . these molasses copper boiler by placing cooling are . during the winter months most widely consumed pure and organic grape molasses production demanding and long struggle that require laborious . a day later taken into boiling wort boiler is put into the fire and came to the consistency of molasses anlaşılınca until the fire is boiled at about 10-12 hours . The desired consistency when taken from the fire boilers inside the molasses mixture to avoid burning molasses until it cools down , throwing , \"he said .
A kilo of molasses to obtain about 15-20 pounds of grapes Boil said they Cantürk ,\"wins at last grapes mad fever for 12 hours at boiling would . You have to constantly stir the pot during boiling . Therefore, do not linger for a moment from the beginning of the fire . During boiling molasses pounds of wood burning boilers are under . We have obtained pure , natural and store energy panacea sells surplus of grape molasses , \"he said . ( MB-EFA)

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