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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:57

Organized Industrial Zone Investment akhisar Dev

Organized Industrial Zone Investment akhisar Dev
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The new favorite of investors Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone to attract investors continues apace .

Manisa news: The new favorite of investors Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone to attract investors continues apace . Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone by the three investors started to work it was reported that the allocation of places .
first since 1978 to produce special and series heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers with industry leading companies , one of the Carian firm Akhisar Organized Industrial zone where allocation made ​​.
Caria , product and air conditioning , refrigeration systems manufacturers and custom process cooling areas served in Izmir, the third factory in Istanbul and one factory, with its head office a total of 30 thousand square meters, spread over an area serves as . Kary firm with 36 years experience in the industry with approximately 470-person team is serving . 5 continents, 62 countries are engaged in the export of Caria , 55 percent of the total annual turnover from exports is taking place.
Branch of the company's activities in the region , which will manufacture heating and cooling coils will be announced . Karyer company mainly copper tube, aluminum fin heat exchanger in the production intensifies. Production capacity of 1 million 440 thousand square meters with a capacity of plant is considered , if the firm were allocated 48 thousand 100 square meters and 100 square meters closed area will be about 26 thousand . 2015 In February of production is planned to start the company in the first place 400 and 500 people will provide employment were reported.
second company Aldag Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Joint Stock Company in 1967 the company was founded 20 years thousand fan coil production, 15 thousand units heating appliances production , 150 chillers production, three thousand units of heat recovery equipment production, two thousand units air handling unit production, 500 units air conditioners production, 200 rooftop air conditioning produced has reportedly held .
industry-leading company that Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone 31 thousand to 50 square meters on a plot may acquire a new vision, objectives magnified and CNC machine technology and robotic systems with production and delivery to accelerate the aims . Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone 17 thousand square meters closed area facilities for 125 people to work and in 2015 begin trial production was reported to be .
third company the Sanica Heat Industry Corporation , with registered capital of £ 20 million to establish a Panel Radiator Production Plant from Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone 77 thousand 151 square meters of land was reported to be in demand . Facility to be built in the region's economic life is approximately 30 years and 250 people will be employed at the factory panel radiator annual 1 million 500 thousand units will be produced and at later stages in the manufacture of pipes made ​​of bellows is considered.

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